Yorkshire Red Tea 40 Teabags

A stronger English Breakfast type tea. The teabags are a larger 3.1g size, (50% larger that typical US style string and tag bags 2.1 g. You can make a stronger tea with less teabags. Has a very malty taste, great as a replacement for coffee.

Quick facts

  • Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Red Tea
  • A stronger English Breakfast type tea
  • A very malty taste, great as a replacement for coffee
  • 1 box of 40 tea bags

Top reviews

Loved it — not as good as PG

This is not a judge of overall quality, but I’m just a fan of PG better. Yorkshire teas have more of that malty flavor that the Irish seem to love, whereas PG Tips has more of a straight-forward, tea-only flavor. At least to my tastebuds. Still recommended.
DonellaDawson, GA


Great taste, stronger than average, but then you can get two cups from one bag.
Slightly more malty than your average English Breakfast tea, so it is also very enjoyable to coffee drinkers.
I have tried all of the British tea blends and this is my favourite. Also sometimes called Red tea.
SharicePettigrew, AR

Good Tea

It’s nice for a tea. However, it would be better if the individual bags had a stringy thing attached to them to make it easy to take the spent bags out of the pot. Still, one of the better teas I’ve had.
KathrineHume, IL

Best Tea Ever

I remember this tea in the grocery stores when I was a child (it has the same or similar packaging), and it disappeared, however, browsing for teas on Amazon I came across this and when it was delivered into my hands I was astonished. It’s the best tea ever and seems to have been made for milk and honey. It’s rich, not bitter at all, and very satisfying – I love it!
SimonFlorida, PR

Bitter Bite

This Yorkshire Tea, whether brewed 5, or 4 minutes as suggested on package, has a bit of a bitter edge to it that some of us do not like! 3 minute brew is good, but seems to me not quite as good as P.G. Tips, which is deep in flavor, and more smooth and bright.
CarinPalo, IA

great tea

Start your day out right with a cuppa this tea for breakfast! Nothing else comes close to its smoothness. Even the grandkids love it. Mm-mm good!
MaribelWayzata, MN

Smooth and Rich

A friend brought a high quality black tea straight from London for me to try. I didn’t have the heart to tell her, but the Yorkshire tea beat it hands down. This tea manages to have a very rich, bracing, flavor without any sharp edges to it.

I normally drink gourmet quality, loose tea in Oolong, green, white, Mate, and sometimes black. I will still always choose the Yorkshire when I crave black, even over the high grade loose. All you have to do is put a little milk and sugar in it and you will not find a more satisfying cup of black tea to be had anywhere. Thank you Taylors of Harrogate for getting it exactly right and at a good price.

JanieceGalatia, IL


Yorkshire Red is a great tea which makes a good strong, but not too strong, pot of tea. It has a nice smooth mellow flavor and a pleasing aroma. It’s my wife’s favorite tea. She uses one tea bag to make a whole pot. I myself prefer the Yorkshire Gold, which is a bit stronger and has a bit sharper taste. I don’t take milk in my tea, but I would bet that both of these teas would be great with milk.
MargeretRichland, MI

Yorkshire Tea

Very good tasting tea, hardly need sugar it is so smooth. Service was very good, the tea arrived in just a few days.
JameyLeighton, IA

Not the lovely tea I remember from England….

My first experience with this tea was nothing less than magical. We had flown over, not slept particularly well in coach, powered through a whirlwind tour of London with a friend, and ending up celebrating Guy Fawkes day. We had not slept in two days, It was one o-clock in the morning in England, and we were wide awake with fireworks still going off. What to do? The curious little red teabag and some sweet biscuits were in sight. Let’s just have a cup of tea. From opening the bag, the magical fragrance filled them room. The tea itself was nothing short of amazing. Let me emphasize though, THIS IS NOT THAT TEA. If I wanted something akin to lipton, I could have bought 200 bags for $3.00 at anywhere in the states. This is what I would imagine would have been swept from the floor and thrown away in England. “Nah, we’ll put it in bags and send it to the Yanks, they won’t know any better”. I am definitely happy I did not order the bulk shipment. The only tea I have seen so far that drinks like a proper english cuppa is Ty-phoo. The box I received just tastes really old, the date on the side is still good for another year, truthfully though, I would be embarrassed to serve this, it’s terrible.
AdelineRio Vista, TX

BEST with milk

This is the tastiest tea I’ve had, especially with milk.
If you like tea made properly, you’ll enjoy this brand.
DeangeloQuitman, LA

Yorkshire tea is simply the best.

Yorkshire tea is the only tea allowed in our home. It is a proper U.K. tea, and while our household is all U.S. citizens, each of us has spent time in the U.K. and do know our tea. We would not be without it. Shipping was fine and on time. Well done.
CandiDawson, GA

Good strong cuppa

As a Brit I appreciate a good cuppa, and this tea is definitely one of the best!
AlfredaBuffalo Junction, VA