Yuban Original Ground Coffee, 33-Ounce Cans

Yuban is the only national coffee brand offering a full line of Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee. Yuban Original has a distinctive new look, but maintains the same rich, full-bodied taste you’ve always enjoyed from Yuban.

Quick facts

  • Pack of two 33-ounce cans of ground coffee (total of 66 ounces)
  • Original Blend: ground from medium-roast beans for full-bodied flavor
  • Roasted in San Leandro, CA
  • Coffee certified by Rainforest Alliance agriculture program
  • Rainforest Alliance promotes environmental, social, and economic principles

Top reviews

Dont buy this if you care about the rain forest please

I purchased these for some friends before I found out that all the low end coffee is responsible for rainforest destruction. I only buy shade grown fair trade organic now.
Hope you choose to do the same.
MadeleneLikely, CA

Yuban Coffee

Are they out of their minds charging almost$ 43.00 for 2 cans of Yuban. That is twice what grocery stores charge at regular price, and almost 4 times when on sale. Who would pay that?
MeghannRunnemede, NJ


Best coffee ever, even compared to gourmet coffees at triple the price. Smooth aromatic, not bitter or acidic. It ticks me off that local grocery stores no longer sell it here in Cleveland.
LucienneChristchurch, VA

34 years of Yuban

In 1975, I worked in a little bookstore on Broadway in New York, one that stood on Broadway where it was abutted by Waverly Place. There’s a shoe store there now, but then it was Samuel Weiser Books, a specialist in antiquarian and esoteric volumes. The proprietors were Freddie and Donald Weiser, the sons of the founder. Early after my employment there, Freddie passed away, leaving Donald as sole proprietor — and years later, Donald would become director of the most famous of all occultist shops, the Watkins Book Shop in Cecil Court, Charing Cross Road, London, where Aleister Crowley, A. E. Waite, and Madame Blavatsky each pursued their own ideas of ultimate truth.
But when Donald ruled at the Weiser bookshop, he was ever insistent on a constant flow of fresh, hot Yuban coffee — no other brand! Ever! A young man, then, and not at all a coffee drinker, I acquired a taste for this wonderful brew from Donald, and in the years since nothing has changed…Yuban is head and shoulders over every other mass-produced national brand of coffee, and for my taste there are few even among high-priced gourmet coffees to challenge it. Thank you, Donald.
CarlaBrewster, MN

It used to be much much better!

My family and I were Yuban coffee (Columbian) drinkers for about 25 years+. We absolutely loved this coffee. The price was extremely reasonable and it tasted like high-end coffee. However, roughly about 10 years ago, Yuban was sold to Kraft (I think) and they did something to this coffee. The coffee was no longer as smooth as it used to be. My family and I no longer use this brand. I wish they would go back to whatever it was they were doing RIGHT. Don’t get me wrong; it is not bad coffee but just not what I am used to.
AnnGuayama, PR

Fantastic Coffee

I actually bought an 11oz can from Walmart where was the only place I could seem to find it, but I hate supporting a crooked company like Walmart, so its fantastic that I can get it cheaper AND Walmart doesn’t even get a dime from it. Im happy :).
MasonLockridge, IA

Not a good ValueBUT still great coffee!

I really enjoyed this coffee it was sent to me from a friend. I paid her to purchase it for me. Great coffee but poor value for my buck. I was expecting more coffee for the price.
JeremiahOrem, UT

Confusing Purchase Options

I have been drinking Yuban coffee for years. Nothing I have found compares especially for the cost. What I don’t understand is why Amazon is selling 2 cans of 33 oz. each for .62 an ounce or optional 12 cans of the same coffee at 12 oz each for .32 an ounce? What am I missing here? Why would anyone ever buy the 33 oz. cans?
RaeannPenn, PA

Great taste and Rainforest Alliance certified as a bonus!

It’s been a long time since I’ve tried the Yuban line of coffees. I have a tendency to try a lot of different brands just because I enjoy trying new things, and the Yuban coffees haven’t caught my eye in quite some time. Yuban is a “high-end” Kraft brand coffee offering, and it’s always been made with 100% Arabica beans. As of mid-2006, though, Yuban is offering a new wrinkle to help recommend it to coffee consumers, Rainforest Alliance Certification.

That’s important because coffee is the world’s second largest commodity after oil, worth $60 billion annually, with 25 million people growing it in 50 countries on some 30 million acres, many of them in fragile, tropical ecosystems such as rainforests. Kraft is the largest United States coffee roaster, so their commitment to this certification is a big deal. Rainforest Alliance certification requires farmers to adopt best practices and meet very rigorous criteria for conserving wildlife and improving the lives of the people who grow and harvest the beans. The Yuban line guarantees that at least 30% of the coffees that it packages come from Rainforest Alliance Certified producers.

All very interesting and commendable, but the bottom line is “How does the coffee taste?” Well, I’ve made a number of pots since I’ve rediscovered the brand, and I must say that it performs pretty well. The grind is a little fine for my taste, but it does ok in the coffeemaker. The color is rich and dark, the aroma is inviting, and the taste is very smooth and robust. It’s a good value at the price point, and I’ll probably find myself buying it again. It makes a fine “everyday” wake-up call, and the environmental benefits make it even sweeter to drink. Enjoy!

EmmieMorse Bluff, NE

The one and only Coffee for me

I have been using Yuban in my Bunn coffeemaker for 20 years, and I have yet to find a better coffee, so I stopped looking. The price on Amazon saves me a lot of money compared to grocery stores, and not all stores carry Yuban.
LiviaVirginville, PA

Great tasting coffee!

Really love the taste of this coffee. Nice full body, not bitter and Amazon has a good price for two bigs cans! Tastes really good on a cold winter’s morning…
ElanaSavage, MD

Classic Yuban

Yuban Coffee is a classic. The aroma is mesmerizing and the taste is wonderful. Yuban can be made to fit the strength of coffee flavor you want to enjoy which makes shopping easy. If you want a no frills coffee, but the taste of one that is expensive, Yuban is the choice!
IngeborgCarnegie, PA

Great coffee, but.. HOW MUCH??

I’ll back up all the reviews touting this coffee’s full bodied and smooth great taste, but seriously?? $40 for 2 33oz cans?!?. I know, a fool and his money are soon parted, but this coffee can easily be found for much less. For example, I just purchased a 44oz can of Yuban last week at a well known discount clearance store for $8. I won’t say the name of the store, but I will say it’s a BIG store that sells LOTS of stuff. Sorry, I digress. Anyway, point is.. shop around before you buy.
RonnieScottdale, GA

Consistently Delicious (with wide price range)

Have you ever had a great-cup-of-joe from a freshly opened can of gourmet coffee, only to wonder what happened to that ‘fresh’ taste as you dig deeper into the can? I have experienced this with other main stream brands but not with ‘Yuban Original’ coffee! I usually go through a 33oz (refrigerated) can in about 2 weeks time. For me, the last pot of coffee has always tasted as good as the first one. There is also a unique quality to this coffee that I have a fondness for. Of course, there will always be something ‘better’ out there, but it’s usually at a higher price. Although the coffee is consistent, it is the wide price range of this coffee that keeps me at bay with a more cautious 3 stars.

Having previously used “Subscribe & Save” option, I have paid as little as $11.64 (less than $0.18 / oz) and as much as $21.64 (almost $0.33 / oz) – that was before the subscription was discontinued – by Amazon. Now it’s back! With the return of “Subscribe & Save” for the Yuban Original 33 oz cans, the price has dipped back into that range at $19.21 ($0.29 / oz). The price may vary but this is still a great cup, so I’m back on board . . . for now.

BreeRancho Cucamonga, CA

great taste!

This is a product I have tried before and always have come back to. Great aroma,flavor, and value! Wikll buy again and again.
ConstanceContinental Divide, NM

Yuban coffee

This is very good coffee and what a great deal on amanzon.com. Where I live,
in Indianpolis, it is hard to find. I would recommend this coffee to anyone.
MarcelinoNarragansett, RI

It’s the best coffee.

I’ve been drinking it for years but couldn’t find the 33 oz can in any store anymore. I was so happy to find it at Amazon and then also found out that they will send me 2 cans every 2 months. My husband is a big coffee drinker, and he even keeps a can in the office. I look forward to my first cup in the morning every day. On the weekends, my husband brings it to me while I linger in bed. It is pure luxury.
AngelesLa Honda, CA

For ground coffee, Yuban is one of the best

I learned of Yuban working in a fine dining restaurant in San Diego in the late 90’s. We served it freshly ground and I couldn’t count how many times people asked what brand it was and how they were amazed when I said, “Yuban!” Since then, I’ve been drinking it and have introduced it to family and friends who continue drinking it today, too. Though I have not been able to find the whole-bean version, this is the next best thing. Give it a try and I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised, especially if you happen to get it on sale for as little as about $7 (Amazon seems to have the best “regular” price that I have found, especially if you use their “Subscribe & Save” option). Bottoms up!
LaurenceClive, IA

Husbands favorite

When we first moved from California to Florida I was unable to locate yuban coffee in the large can size. I looked it up on the internet and found a good price and free shipping. Ever since that time I order over the internet with no problems. Fast free shipping and a happy husband who wakes to his pot of Yuban every morning.

I wouod highly recommned this product, price and ammazon.

MarishaKennesaw, GA

The best coffee ever

I can only buy this in a small 12 ounce container at my local stores and it costs $8.00. This is EXCELLENT coffee and it is such a value to purchase it this way.
PenelopeWardsboro, VT

Best coffee in a can.

You can’t get a better coffee in a can but it’s not available in the stores in many places. The free shipping makes it sufficiently competitive to go for it.
MilesTangerine, FL

Good coffee

I have had two different types of the yuban so far. Generally I like lighter roast coffee. The original is a medium roast ( to me) and is very smooth. I would recommend it 100%
FloraShawanese, PA

No other coffee!

There is no other coffee but Yuban. I was sold the first time I tasted it 25 years ago and now our family cannot be with it.
AlitaLawai, HI

Best tasting everyday coffee!

In my opinion, Yuban is the best tasting of all the everyday coffees for home or office. In the aroma and flavor categories, Yuban beats Maxwell House and Foldgers hands down! But, honestly, who the heck would pay the prices listed by these sellers? $75 for two 33oz cans of Yuban… seriously?! Locally, I buy the 44oz can of Yuban for $10.49 at a discount grocery or, if I’m hard up, just a litter more than $12 for a 33oz can at any of the corporate grocery stores. When I read one review stating that the price on Amazon.com was good, I thought to myself that this person either has money to burn or is just plain clueless about the cost of goods.
ChantelleGranby, VT

Great Taste, but not for every one.

This is great tasting coffee. There is no doubt about it. So many reviewers cant be wrong. However, I would still prefer the taste of Lavazza Crema e Gusto Ground Coffee. Lavazza tastes a bit more smooth than Yuban. I gave this coffee a try and I like it, but this would still be my second choice after Lavazza.
BernardineAvawam, KY

Inaccuratly portrayed as 100% columbian

Amazon still lists the ingredients as 100% columbian coffee. For years now Kraft’s website FAQ specifically states that they no longer use beans from columbia in their Yuban but claim the flavor remains the same. I personally like the flavor of columbian over any other coffee. It is unfortunate that Kraft chose to go the go green route at the expense of flavor. It must have been a profit lead marketing decision. The coffee still tastes ok but is not as good as it used to be when it was 100% columbian. I wish Amazon would correct their website. Better yet, I wish Kraft would once again start using columbian beans in Yuban.
NicolaFlat Rock, AL

much better than AVG but returning to Melitta

I wanted to order my usual $tore-bought Melitta Colombian (plain) but there was a 3 to 4 week delivery wait, and I needed coffee ASAP. I remembered Yuban from years ago, good coffee, much better than average, I liked the Rainforest Alliance Certified bit, and the price here is unbeatable. But to me the taste just isn’t as good as Melitta, wish I could describe it. Not helpful, I know. I’m still working on the first can of this Yuban so I’m stocked up for a good while. Plenty of time now to order the Melitta…
JinnyPaxton, MA

Good Coffee, I have enjoyed this coffee for 60+ years

I have been drinking this coffee for about 60 years. I have seen no reason to change. Bought this from Amazon because my usual source discontinued it. The larger cans are a bonus as I don’t have to order so often.
PatricaPawnee, OK

Smooth, non-bitter coffee!

Finally found a smooth, non-bitter coffee in Yuban! And such a great deal, with adding a 2 pack of 33-ounce cans to an order with just about any other item (or purchasing 2 lots of 2 packs) you get free shipping! We have a Bunn coffee maker that cranks out a fresh pot in just 2-3 minutes (also purchased on Amazon!) and with this Yuban coffee, mornings just get more pleasant all the time!
YanInterlochen, MI

Good deal

I’ve always enjoyed Yuban coffee but it was hard to find here plus it was usually more expensive than the other coffees at the supermarket. This has been a great deal price wise. The only problem is that the price goes up and down on it on Amazon all according to who the seller is. As long as the price stays around 16 bucks I’ll continue to buy it.
JonieIndian Rocks Beach, FL