Zaaschila, Chipotle 9.35oz

Zaaschila real Mexican salsa brings this creamy chipotle salsa spread.

Quick facts

  • Zaaschila Chipotle sauce
  • Zaaschila’s quality
  • Imported from Mexico
  • Mild spiciness

Top reviews

Awesome sauce – incredibly overpriced

This is one of my favorite sauces. I am from Mexico and love chile, so I’m a good reference 😉
The price is completely off, though. You can buy this in Mexico for $14 MXN = $ 1 USD.
I get it, is imported, taxes, etc. Still, the price is far from reality.
5 stars for the sauce, its flavor and multiple uses, 0 stars for the price = 5 stars. Cannot give less to a great national product 😉
MarguriteKenefic, OK

Very Unique Hot Sauce

This hot sauce stands out in my collection as the numero uno for tacos and sandwiches. It has a tangy-smokey flavor that is not too spicy. It has a creamy finish as indicated in its name “Salsa de Chipotle Cremosa”. I have added this hot sauce to fish, chicken, and pork dinners seperatley resulting in very positive outcomes.

I recopmmend this to all of my friends.

JeanRexburg, ID