Zagnut Bar, 1.75 oz, 18 count

Zagnut candy bar. Crunchy peanut butter with toasted coconut. You will sure love eating these tasty classic crunchy bars.

Quick facts

  • Originallly produced by Leaf, Inc. Hershey’s acquired the Zagnut line in 1996
  • An irrestistable combination of crunchy peanut butter and toasted coconut
  • A childhood favorite to share with family and friends today!
  • 24/1.7 oz bars

Top reviews

O, U feel like a Nut?????

Some people are nutty. Some candy bars are nutty. Sometimes you feel like a nut. Sometimes U likes to chomp on some nuts. Sometimes U are a nut. Its pretty nutty to not like peanut butter but like peanut butter flavored candy bars. Its even nuttier to like inferior peanut butter tasting candy bars. This would apply here—–Zagnut is clearly inferior to Butterfinger, or even Clark bars. This is like eating the inside of a candy bar. Sure U can eat this nutty bar. But U might as well eat nuts, like U likes to. O, do U see U eating nuts?
AlejandraFall River Mills, CA


Zagnuts have got to be the best candy bar ever made and the hardest to find. These were shipped promptly and were fresh and delicious!! Gotta love a Zagnut!
JenniCorolla, NC

Thank you, Amazon! Zagnuts are the best!!

Thank you, Amazon! Oh my God, I can finally find Zagnuts! These are hands down, no question the absolute best candy bar on earth. When I was a kid, I searched every candy store I visited in hope of finding Zagnuts. Nobody carried them. The only sellers were random gas stations that I would come across during a family road trip. When I found one, I would empty my pockets of every dollar I had to buy as many as possible.

I just received my package yesterday. Yesterday was the first time I had had a Zagnut in about 10 years. It’s exactly how I remember it. Just to give you an idea how much I love these things, yesterday was the first candy bar I had had in over one year…no Snickers, Mars Bars,…anything like that. Yet I’ve already had two Zagnuts this morning. Cheers.

MarilynElm Hall, MI

candy junkies dream

if you have never had a Zagnut when you where young or never heard of it you must try. A dollar a bar is pricey but had to have a taste of my younger years. There are sites that don’t charge shipping and the $ is the same
VerleneWindsor, CA