Zagnut Candy Bar, Crunchy Peanut Butter-Toasted Coconut, 1.75-Ounce

Zagnut Crunchy Peanut Butter Toasted Coconut 24CT Box

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  • Zagnut Crunchy Peanut Butter Toasted Coconut 24CT Box

Top reviews

Bring back the Zagnuts!

Why is it so hard to find Zagnuts anymore? I had to buy the 24 count box and they were soooo fresh. Not like candy that’s been sitting in a backroom storage for too long. Being so fresh they tasted better than ever. Well, since I could not have so many bars around me I gave most of them to my primary grade students. They had never heard of Zagnut, but the next day a couple of the children told me they thought the candy bars were really good and asked where they could get some…If you like Zagnuts this was a great Seller.
JesusitaBraddyville, IA

Finally I can get this elusive candy bar

I grew up with Zagnut candy bars. I have not seen them in stores in a long time. When I saw them on Amazon I thought I would try them again. They arrived as fresh as expected and they bring back lots of great memories! I will continue to order from Amazon confident they will be fresh and a great price!
LonaWysox, PA

ZAGNUT Candy Bar – FRESH & Delicious!!!

FRESH and delicious!!! I would recommend buying these from Amazon, they are really fresh. These candy bars are very hard to find, and if you do find them in a store, they may have been sitting around for awhile.

These looked and tasted freshly made.

DarinJennie, AR