Zatarain’s New Orleans Style Alfredo Pasta Dinner Mix, 6.3-Ounce Boxes

Add meat to make a complete meal. Serves 5. This easy-to-prepare dinner mix has just the right blend of ingredients for a great tasting, authentic New Orleans style meal. Zatarain’s has been the leader in authentic New Orleans style food since 1889. So when you want great flavor, Jazz It Up with Zatarain’s! With Zatarain’s New Orleans Style Pasta Dinners you can enjoy the fun of pasta and the authentic flavor of New Orleans! Just add chicken, hamburger or shrimp to complete this easy-to-prepare dinner your whole family will love.

Quick facts

  • Case of 12 6.3-ounce boxes (75.6 total ounces)
  • Made with enriched macaroni, blue cheese, and buttermilk
  • Good source of calcium and iron; five servings per box
  • Add shrimp or chicken for a complete meal
  • The whole family will love the creamy, cheesy flavor

Top reviews

The best alfredo. Period.

I have tried about all the alfredo mixes there are. This is by FAR the best. Just spicy enough, not like all the others that are so bland they are almost tasteless. Easy to make and you won’t believe how good and tasty when compared to the others.
ArielSaint Peter, MN

Our Favorite Last Minute Dinner

In our house, we love this stuff! I found the price here on amazon to be much better than the price I was paying at the grocery store ($2.59/box). Plus, it’s often sold out at the grocery store anyway. It makes a great meal because it cooks up so quickly and is delicious! It’s a spicy version of alfredo pasta and is so yummy!

We always add in a few scoops of frozen California style vegetables to the pot before we bring it to a boil. Then it cooks right along with the pasta. The veggies are a tad on the soggy side, but this could be corrected by adding them a little later, I assume. They’re just not soggy enough for me to want to bother with that.

JerricaMitchellville, IA


I love Zatarain’s New Orleans Style Alfredo Pasta. It’s spicy, and tastes different from any other boxed pasta I’ve ever tried. I like eating it with steamed broccoli or cauliflower and/or with a vegetarian “chicken” patty. This is a good vegetarian meal.
DorrisLaporte, CO