ZenSoy Soy-On-The-Go Soymilk, Vanilla, 8.25-Ounce Aseptic Packages

Soy on the Go delivers superior taste plus health benefits for your entire family. Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol that include 25 grams of soy protein a day may reduce the risk of heart disease.

Quick facts

  • All Zen Soy On the Go products are Certified Organic, Lactose Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, Certified OU Parve, Non-GMO, Free of MSG, Eggs, and Casein
  • Available in Vanilla, Chocolate, and Cappuccino flavors
  • This case contains 15 – 8.25 fluid ounce single-serving containers that includes an individual collapsible straw for easy use anywhere
  • Zen is a family-owned and operated company committed to producing the best tasting, healthiest products possible, while actively supporting and protecting the environment and natural wildlife
  • Zen Soy On the Go comes in aseptic packaging which does not require refrigeration until after opening, so you can keep plenty of Zen soymilk on hand at all times
  • Pack of 15, 8.25- ounce unit (total of 123.75 ounces)
  • Calcium & vitamin enriched
  • Lactose free; Gluten free; Free of MSG; Free of eggs and casein; OU PARVE and certified vegan
  • Does not require refrigeration

Top reviews

For Organic Vanilla Soy Milk try Silk instead

Has a rather awful aftertaste similar to the chocolate ZenSoy product. No worries though, the Silk Soymilk, Organic Vanilla, 8.25-Ounce Carton (Pack of 18) product is good and the same price. Horizon Organic Reduced Fat Milk, Chocolate, 8-Ounce Aseptic Cartons (Pack of 18) is good too, and both are available for 15% discount and free 2-day shipping by subscription.
LurlineValley Forge, PA

Awesome Drink! 🙂 The only soy you should buy! For all ages.

I have been getting soy for my boys 8 & 10 with milk allergies and happened upon Zen Soy on Amazon. I loved the panda and thought let’s try it. One of the best buying decisions I have ever made. My boys and I so love Zen Soy. The smooth creamy taste is awesome. They say it tastes just like ice cream. Now they request Zen Soy and say not other will do. My 10 year old said to never buy Silk again, he only wants Zen Soy.
AlysonViborg, SD

Soy Milk review

VondaHigh Bridge, WI

The best

ZenSoy has won me over as the best soy milk available. Ask my 7 kids (some of whom refuse to call it “soymilk” and prefer “soyjuice” as a more adequate name), and they all can agree ZenSoy tastes more like real milk… and even if they don’t think it’s like real milk, they still want it!
CraigSouth Byron, NY

After Taste

I read 10 reviews that said this was the greatest soy milk product and 1 review that said it had a funny after taste and recommended the Silk Soy. I have to agree with the one review. I’m not sure what it is but it has almost a medicinal taste. I was ordering Silk but the subscription service on Silk Vanilla Soy was cancelled by Amazon. I’m not sure why. I tried this brand but it really is not a good substitute.

Who knew?

RubieAvilla, IN


I bought this product because my daughter is lactose. These are the perfect item to grab when you are leaving the house. I will order this product again.
KiyokoMathias, WV

I love soymilk, but…

I drink soymilk on a daily basis, but I usually buy the unsweetened variety. While this product is both affordable and portable, it is also extremely sweet. If you’re not used to the super sweetness in your cereal, it might come as a surprise. It isn’t un-tasty, but I wouldn’t drink it everyday due to concerns of cavities and an upset belly.
FloreneDolomite, AL

Weird Aftertaste

I read all the reviews about how great the product tasted, so I figured I’d try it out. My son has a dairy allergy so we normally just don’t send him to school with anything other than juice. This seemed like a good substitute for those days that he needed a break from juice. I was so excited to try it when it arrived. I let my son have the first taste. He nearly spit it out. I thought he may be overreacting, so I tasted it. I have to say that I’m a big fan of soymilk’s flavor. But, this was just gross. I won’t waste the money, so I plan on drinking the case up and possibly using it in smoothies. But, I won’t re-buy it.
ShannonElk River, ID

Great for cooking

I don’t drink soy milk on its own, but I do like the health benefits of it. I use it to make steel cut oats in the crock pot over night.

These containers are perfect because they are shelf stable and pre-measured. This pack is enough for 2 months, but I don’t have to worry about it going bad in the fridge. I love the slight vanilla flavor it adds too, it makes any fruit I use a little creamier.

I will definitely keep buying this. (It’s a bonus to be able to get it on the subscribe and save)

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ConsueloDougherty, IA

Zensoy Vanilla milk

Love the taste and size of this product for my childs lunch box. Makes packing breakfast easier.
Thank you for the prompt service.
CarterUniontown, AL

Love Love Love the Convienence

We have these on a subscription buy. We take them with up camping instead of dragging along milk that needs a cooler- I can give my daughter milk for lunch since she’s allergic to the animal milks at school. I can pop one or two in the diaper bag on the way out the door and my toddler can have milk when he needs it. The cartons are thick enough he doesn’t squirt them everywhere accidentally like a juice box. The taste is good too!
PerryClarks Grove, MN

Love this milk. Use if for traveling.

I prefer not to use containers that I can’t recycle but sometimes you do what you can. These travel well and I prefer the taste over silk very vanilla. It seems a little less sweet. I don’t drink them often so I’m not concerned with the sugar or calorie content.
RaleighOrange Beach, AL

Great tasting!

I received this yesterday and my 5 year old has already drank 3 boxes! We were supposed to take this on our road trip, and now I have to order more since we won’t have enough! She is lactose-intolerant and this is a great alternative that doesn’t require refrigeration. It doesn’t taste like many of the soy milk I’ve tried and my husband and I enjoy it also! Highly recommend this product.
OdellStevens, PA

Convenient, Delicious and Cute!!!

We love ZenSoy’s Soy-On-The-Go soy milk! It’s really convenient, with single-serving packages. Great for school lunches or any on-the-go situations. And, an easy go-to healthy drink for kids to grab at home. The packaging, with the cute panda on the box, is something that anyone can appreciate, especially kids with an interest in a “greener” planet.

Initially, we purchased this product for my son’s milk allergy, but we all love it. We would buy this product even if food allergies were not an issue. It’s a great choice. Consistently yummy and easy to enjoy.

AmiraForks Of Salmon, CA

Sorry Silk!

I must admit I was a silk devotee as it was the best of all the brands I tried, and I tried just about all of them. Amazon was out of stock of it once and so was I so I tried Zen Soy; haven’t been back since.
JeanettePlymouth, PA

great lunch box item

This product is phenomenal for children with food allergies to take in their lunchbox! It tastes great and my child loves it.
AngleaLuray, TN

great taste

first let me state that I do not enjoy drinking soymilk. I buy this for my son for traveling and out and about. that being said, when I tasted this brand, it was actually good! it has a nice sweet vanilla-y flavor without the almost bitter taste that most soymilk has.
EliasDema, KY

Love the taste and convenience

I love the convenience of having shelf stable soy milk – no refrigeration needed. I travel a lot and can just easily take it along. The vanilla flavor is really great – goes well for soy lattes and with granola cereal.
BoyceFinley, OK