Zevia All Natural Soda, Lemon Lime Twist, 12-Ounce Cans

Look up refreshment in the dictionary and we bet you’ll find a mention of Zevia Lemon Lime Twist. We’ve replicated a classic lemon lime flavor and re-created it in true Zevia fashion, a diet drink with none of the bad soda stuff and a pretty delicious taste. Zevia Lemon Lime Twist is naturally flavored with a blend of pure lemon and lime oils. We know we’re biased, but if you’re looking for low calorie, Lemon-Lime soda, Twist is one of the best diet drinks you can get. It might relieve your thirst like the competitors, but remember, Zevia Lemon Lime Twist is all natural, zero calories, no sugar and sweetened with stevia. A playful flavor that won’t play with your weight.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twenty four, 12 ounce cans (total of 288 ounces)
  • No Artificial Sweeteners; Sweetened with Stevia
  • Vegan, Kosher and Gluten-Free
  • Zero Calories; All Natural
  • Product of the USA

Top reviews

Wierd Taste

This product tastes strange. It is not a clean refreshing citrus flavor. The cola flavor is better.
HymanSouth Walpole, MA

Zero Carbs+Zero Cals+Zero Artifical Sweenters= Zevia

If you are looking for something to quench your thirst without sugar, without artificial sweetener (Splenda, Aspartame) then you need Zevia Twist. This is the most refreshing beverage out there. It has the all natural lemon and lime and tons of carbonation that you’ve been looking for.
DoreenCharleston, TN

Really good!

Zevia Twist tastes so refreshing. The flavor from natural oils of lemons and limes really comes through. I’m a water drinker because soda just never quenched my thirst. But this stuff does. And it’s healthy – none of the artificial sweeteners, colors and flavors – chemicals – in all the regular diet sodas. You have to try it to believe it.
JeffrySlatedale, PA

An Alternative To Fresca!

I was addicted to Fresca for years. I knew the Aspartame was bad for me but I still chugged 3 a day. No more! Zevia Twist is better and uses Stevia which is natural. I love it, love it, love it!
VirgilGirard, KS

Better than Sprite or 7-Up and It’s All Natural

This is a great lunchtime drink with a Sandwich or whatever, contains no artificial sweeteners and taste great, they also make it in ZEVIA Natural Cola – With Stevia (Case of 24) and ZEVIA Natural Orange – With Stevia (Case of 24).
PeteNoonan, ND


This soda hurt my teeth. Drank one a day for 6 weeks. The Enamel on my teeth has eroded. My teeth are now still very sensitive. Read ingredients before drinking. Consider battery acid or this soda if your goal is to erode enamel!
RitaNewllano, LA

Zevia Soda

I love the soda, great product, but was very unhappy with Nutricity vendor.
I asked to cancel the order 2 different times with no response from the company because I was charged such an enormous shipping fee. More then the price of the product. The first time I bought this product I received free shipping , this time I was charged over 30.00. I would never buy from this company again.
Alice Delaney
LinwoodDeer Park, WA

Bye-Bye Zeros, Hello My New Hero–Zevia

I grew up drinking Diet sodas. No joke. I’d never tasted a regular Coke until I was 13. I thought I’d gag.

In recent years I’ve scooted from one Diet brand to the next, avoiding all those empty calories and eventually avoiding caffeine.

All these new ‘Zero’ products may not have sugar or caffeine but they are loaded with artificial sweeteners that I’ve generally heard nothing but bad things about.

So, get fat with sugar or get cancer with artificial sweeteners. Doesn’t seem like much of a choice. And, of course, I am prone to exaggeration on this matter.

Having used Stevia before (an all natural herbal sweetener from South America) I was thrilled to find Zevia…sweetened by aforementioned sweetener.

If you’re used to the taste of Diet or Zero anything, then this won’t be a far leap for your taste buds. I love this stuff!

The only down side for now is the price. AT nearly $6 a 6-pack (or more) it’s a pricey artificial sweetener alternative.

But if you aren’t a soda-holic (less than a can a day on average) then this really isn’t so bad.

CassidyMadisonville, KY

Zevia Natural Soda

I have tried most of the Zevia soda flavors. I love the taste now, it took a few days to get use to the different taste from the other calorie free sodas. I love that they don’t have the Aspartame and Surcalose as other soft drinks. I don’t have the horrible side effects from the major brands give me.ZEVIA Natural Black Cherry – With Stevia (Case of 24) Zero Calories
ChanelEarling, IA

Refreshing and very citrusy

This isn’t sprite but I really like it. I picked up a 6 pack from my local grocery to try it I’m really pleased. I just got a subscription to get the full case from Amazon. Great straight from the fridge, guilt free soda with no horrible aspartame after-taste.
PeterStaunton, VA

Its okay

I really would rather give this stuff three and a half stars, but I rounded up because my third grade math teacher said to round up for half or more. And I don’t want her to think I didn’t learn anything. She’ll find me, just like she did all the others. The horror…

Anyway, this stuff is pretty alright. What it lacks in the crispness of a 7-Up, it makes up for in flavor and not giving you diabetes if you chug the whole 24 pack in a week. Which, given the taste, is not impossible. The diet-y bluntness is still there from other flavors, and if you’re used to 7-Up like I was, its pretty noticeable. But once you get used to it, its pretty good for lemon-lime, which I’ve never been a huge fan of in general. Drink it on the verge of freezing and finish before it gets warm, because when it does, it feels kind of like thin syrup.

Should you buy some? If you want stevia-sweetened pop, sure. I do wish Amazon offered six or twelve packs instead of only twenty-four. I’d love to try out black cherry, but frankly, $25 is steep for me right now.

KyleArlington, WI

Ok – Black Cherry the best flavor

I like Zevia for their “natural” claims. I say this because just as aspartame was produced and marketed to the masses, and people were not aware of the dangers of chemicals, I wonder about the synthesized version of stevia.
But, for now I’m trying to do the best with the information we do have – drink water most of the time, but when I just have to have a soda like with a pizza or something spicy, I reach for my Zevia.
I’ve tried all the flavors but my favorite is Black Cherry. The lemon is weird tasting and not very refreshing.
Black Cherry hits the spot.
JospehWest Terre Haute, IN

Love this stuff!

I was a huge soda drinker, but I gave it up, due to the huge amount of calories in regular versions and the huge ugly headaches I get from artificial sweeteners used in the diet versions. This stuff is delicious and happily free of both complaints above! Zevia has given me back the ability to enjoy soda again! Hooray Zevia!
KimMidlothian, TX


I love Zevia soda, it has a weird aftertaste for some but I am in love with this soda that is good for you! It does have a very citrusy taste!
ClarethaIronsides, MD

love it!

this is so good! i was on a no sugar diet for three months before i found this product. and i’m so happy i can now drink soda again. my kids can’t tell the difference between these and regular. my favorite flavors are natural twist and cola.
MegAugusta, OH

better for you than soda

After you get use to the lack of sweet from all the sugar in soda it is hard to go back to regular soda. Hopefully it is a healthy alternative.
AubreyRock City, IL

lemon lime twist zevia

lemon lime twist and all zevia sodas are great and a healthier option to regular and diet sodas. They don’t have all the sugar of regular soda and the harmful chemicals of the diet sodas. A Dr I work with stated she normally eats healthy but she stated she has a soda addiction and she is worried it’s going to harm her bones. I had a zevia mountain dew with me that night and asked if she likes mountain dew, she stated that’s her favorite so I gave it to her, she looked at the ingredients and was thrilled with what was and wasn’t in it. She stated she thinks she could definitely get used to this, and not hurt her bones. Amazon shipped it quickly, great product.
JacindaWhiteford, MD


OK, let me start out by saying I’m extremely biased when it comes to sodas. I grew up with all the delicious teeth-rotting HFCS sodas such as Coke, Dr. Pepper, 7Up, Mountain Dew, and Fanta. And I’m allergic to Aspartame, so artificial sweeteners and I don’t usually get along. But I have tried some Stevia-based products before and they weren’t too bad, so I thought maybe this would be OK.

Boy was I wrong. This stuff is now on my list of “Worst Sodas I’ve Ever Tasted”, right up there with Russian malt soda and that disgusting No-Cal junk. I had expected a little better than this, but should’ve known better. If anyone ever comes out with a better Stevia-based soda, let me know. I’m willing to give anything a try at least once.

DomitilaFarmington, IA

From a recovering Diet Mountain Dew addict

Last year, I was drinking probably two 24 packs of Diet Mountain Dew a week. I thought this was rather unhealthy (and expensive), so I decided to gradually taper off. I had decided to steer clear of all types of pop, but while at Sunflower Market, I noticed Zevia. I liked that it was sweetened with stevia, rather than something a little more artificial. I allow myself a maximum of one Mountain Zevia a day, if that. It has helped me rid myself of a pretty bad DMD addiction.
HanMartin, SD

Very good!

I had a Diet 7-UP a few days ago, and this tastes exactly the same to me. I love soda but I gave up my Diet Coke addiction a few months ago. Now I have one of these every few days and it’s a really nice sweet treat without the addictive properties of aspartame-sweetened sodas.
CiaraJonesville, SC

Delicious and refreshing, however expensive

I love this soda. Absolutely delicious. I used to be addicted to diet sodas, but after reading that sucralose (i.e. splenda) acts as a pesticide in your body (killing crucial intestinal flora) and that aspartame is made up of a main ingredient in paint thinner (methanol), I knew a change was necessary. Zevia was the exact crutch I needed to make it through. Incredibly, when I try other sodas now, it makes me sick and burns my throat. I would have given this product 5 stars, but the price recently went up, and it is not cost effective for most people to switch from cheaper sodas.
TulaConrad, MT

Pretty Good, But Better Mixed With Juice

I bought this soda because I was looking for an alternative for soda with high fructose corn syrup and also because my husband recently found out that he’s diabetic and can’t have the real stuff anymore. I wasn’t that impressed with it at first taste, but I would say that the taste is comparable to a store brand of regular lemon lime soda. This soda is really good when you mix it with juice. I add a little bit of cranberry juice and the result is kind of like a wine cooler without the alcohol. I will definitely buy this soda again.
AbdulDededo, GU

I so wanted to like this!

I really wanted to like this! I love Stevia in it’s natural form. I do not use the Stevia based products, just straight up Stevia. I have also not tried any of the other Zevia products. This was a first, but I couldn’t get through the first can and my husband didn’t get beyond a sip.

It has a very strong aftertaste. Bitter almost.. I tried masking it by adding other things to it but it just didn’t work. I would loved to have found a pre-made Stevia sweetened beverage, I love stevia… but not this. Sorry.

I will stick with making my own using Stevia, crystallized citrus juice and water. Tastes good to my taste buds and no bitter aftertaste.

DanaeSummersville, MO


I found Lemon Lime Zevia undrinkable. I love Mt. Dew, Sprite & Squirt but this certainly isn’t like any of them. It has way too much of a strong artificial citrus flavor — it should probably be diluted to 1/10 of its current strength.

I like the Zevia Cola and Root Beer flavors but this is definitely not in the same league. Same goes for the Mountain Zevia. I’ll be throwing the remainder of the 6-pack in the trash.

IraidaNew Derry, PA


This one is refreshing to me. My favorites so far are the cream soda and this lemon twist. The cream soda is rich, and the lemon is refreshing.

If you are used to drinking regular soda, it will take some adjustment. But, if your looking to drink healthier, its worth the adjustment. I gave up soda 10 years ago, and i wont drink artificial sweetener soda. I enjoy this stuff a lot.

I wish Zevia made the Dr Pepper alternative without Caffeine. Won’t touch caffeine.

EmmyFoxboro, WI

Finally a good for you soda!

I used to drink diet sodas constantly until I got sick and wasn’t able to handle the artificial sweeteners. I am absolutely thrilled that I can enjoy a zero calorie soda that’s actually good for me. I’ve been drinking beverages sweetened with stevia for several years now so I found the taste of the Zevia to be very enjoyable. There was absolutely no after taste with the Zevia flavors I’ve tried and they are just as refreshing to drink as traditional sodas without any of the bad stuff! I cannot wait to try more of the flavors but the ones I’ve tried are very similar to their traditional soda flavors.
LilianMaple Hill, NC

Didn’t like it.

We bought a couple cans of Twist flavor but the last can has been sitting in the refrigerator for several months now. No one in the family wants to drink it. It has almost a lemon rind aftertaste to it.
LizaDover, MN


DorcasHoyt, KS

Chemical-free Diet Soda + Free Shipping Make for a Winner

I recently found out about Zevia through a friend but have had trouble finding it outside of health food stores, which aren’t that easy to come by in my neck of the woods. I wouldn’t have guessed to look for soda on Amazon, but the Zevia website pointed out it was for sale here, and when I found out about the free shipping, I ordered it on the spot.

At just over a dollar a can, it’s a tad pricey compared to other diet sodas, but that’s to be expected for a specialty drink. The price here at Amazon is comparable to the prices I saw at the health stores, especially if you sign up for the subscription delivery which discounts things 15% at the time of this review. Also since you’re not paying for shipping, I think it ends up being a good deal, especially considering the limited availability of the drink across the country.

As far as taste goes, I’ve tried several of the flavors and like the lemon lime the best. If you’re a Mt. Dew or 7-up fan, this is a similar style of drink. I do recommend that you try a can somewhere before ordering a 24-pack. If you at one time switched from regular soda to diet soda, you may remember that period of “getting used to it.” I don’t think it’s as much of a stretch to switch from aspartame-sweetened diet soda to this, but I didn’t love it at first taste.

In regards to other flavors, I thought the orange and Dr. Zevia were okay. I wasn’t a fan of the ginger ale at all, but that may just be because it uses real ginger (and tastes like it), unlike the watered down fake stuff I’m used to. I haven’t tried the other flavors yet.

Overall, I recommend Zevia to anyone who’s trying to avoid high calorie beverages as well as artificial sweeteners.

BrianValley Forge, PA

Very Good – Requires a few to get used to the change.

OK,..I’m speaking on behalf of the Orange Soda here. When I first popped the tab and drank a sip of the Zevia Orange,..it did NOT hit me with the anticipated sweetness that I had come to expect from say a Diet Sunkist Soda or any of your typical SugarFree Orange sodas. I wasn’t disappointed per say, but just surprised a bit by the unexpected lack of sweetness. Now, with that being said,…and a few cans later,..this has quickly become my “go to” drink when I want a refreshing orange soda. It is very good and very quenching (due to the noticeable lack of sodium) on a hot summer day. The aroma is wonderful and the flavor is very close to as real as you can get before drinking straight orange oil. It’s a really good soda and I’m now tempted to try the Root Beer and the Cola.
GregGarden Grove, IA