Zevia All Natural Soda, Lime Cola, 12-Ounce Cans

We like to think of limes as nature’s little zing. A little citrusy splash makes everything a bit more delicious so why not add that zest to the popular ZEVIA Cola? ZEVIA Lime Cola is the zesty, delicious addition to the ZEVIA line of stevia sweetened sodas. Unlike most lime colas, this flavor-filled, better-for-you soda is all natural and contains no artificial sweeteners. If ZEVIA Lime Cola had a job, she would be a comedian. Full of zing and zest, this delicious alternative will give you a chuckle when you think about how delicious zero calories can taste.

Quick facts

  • Case of twenty four, 12 ounce cans (total of 288 ounces)
  • Zero Calories.; No Artificial Sweeteners.; Sweetened with Stevia.; All Natural
  • Vegan; Kosher; Gluten-Free
  • Product of the USA

Top reviews

New favorite Zevia flavor!

Lime Cola is our new favorite Zevia flavor! Thank you, Zevia, for giving us a soda without all the harmful artificial sweeteners. Amazing variety of flavors that actually taste good!
EricBiglerville, PA

Weird, but good if you’re giving up aspartame

Good choice if you are looking to stop drinking aspartame.

This is going to take some getting used to; I’m not going to lie. I’ve been drinking diet soft drinks for a very very long time, and I prefer them to the HFCS versions.

This stuff is expensive, and, after one try, I do not like it as much as I like the lime-flavored diet name brand cola. It’s not bad. Just different. And I think I could get to like it. The cola has an almost tea-like quality to it, and the sweeteners (stevia and erythritol) are very sweet. The carbonation is on the light side for my taste. It’s drinkable, and it has caffeine, so it’s got that going for it.

ChandaShady Valley, TN

Lime Cola

Zevia is probably the best line of natural sodas available. Lime and Cherry Cola Zevias are among their best, along with Doctor Zevia.
MarguriteNottingham, MD


I like all the Zevia flavors. I’m so glad that I have some many flavor choices to chose from now. I drink the lime cola when I feel like being in a tropical mood. Great job Zevia!
StantonAmarillo, TX