Zhena’s Gypsy Tea, Coconut Chai, 22 Count Tea Sachets

We offer exquisite teas and herbal infusions of exceptional character and rich underlying attributes. Combining the ancient tea blending principles that began with the earliest monks and herbalists with the latest health research, Zhena’s Gypsy Tea produces hand-crafted, premium, all natural, fair trade, and organic healthy infusions to please the palate and delight the senses.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 22 count (Total of 132 count)
  • Indian black tea, shredded coconut, organic cinnamon, ginger, cardamom pods, whole cloves, orange peels, nutmeg, org. black pepper, organic cinnamon essential oil, organic coconut flavor.
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Top reviews

Awesome tea!

We have been drinking Zhena’s teas now for several years, so obviously we are fond of them. Of the several flavors we have tried, the Coconut Chai stands out head and shoulders above the rest as our favorite. Now I should qualify my statement as we are lovers of nearly all things ‘coconut’ but that aside this tea is absolutely wonderful. We tend to choose it daily over other options in our tea selection. If you are a tea drinker and you are fond of coconut-try this tea, I am confidant you will not be disappointed. I have been buying it in cases of 6 canisters of 22 sachets for months now from Amazon and intend to continue buying it this way, as my local store charges more for it and don’t always have it in stock. TRY THIS TEA SOON!
ChantellNorthwood, IA

A delicious twist on the traditional Chai blend.

This is my new favorite Chai!

I’ve tried dozens of brands and blends over the years… from cheap supermarket boxes of bags, to pricey organic loose blends. Until now, the Vanilla Chai Spice loose tea from Tea Guys was my favorite. But then I tasted Zhena’s Coconut Chai and instantly fell in love with it. The extra little hit of coconut in this Zhena’s blend really takes the taste to another level for me. Yum!

Try it with a splash of milk and some honey… a cup of pure happiness!

CleliaCrawfordsville, AR

Curious About the Expiry Date

Clearly I am a big fan of this tea, so I ordered a six pack! The idea was to have a continuous supply for the next few months, gift some and get a lower price per tin. However, surprisingly, the tea, in this particular order did not taste as wonderful as it usually does. Wondering why, I looked for the expiry date. On the box that they came in, it said, best by 2015. Which is great. However, under each tin, there a date stamped, which is February 2001.

I am very confused. The date marked under the tins…are they expiry dates? They don’t say so anywhere. And I know from my past experience of purchasing these (the black tea sampler tin for instance), that the bottom of the tin is where they put their expiry date. I am disappointed. After going through about half of the product (I am on my third pack), I don’t know that they are returnable. I kept consuming them thinking, well, the next pack (tin of 22 sachets) will be different, better. They are not. I wonder what to do with the three unopened packs.

InellMifflinburg, PA

Can’t Taste The Coconut; Tastes Unlike Any Other Chai

I bought a canister of this tea to try it. I like most chais that I try, though most not nearly as much as masala chai in a good Indian restaurant. I took several sips, but I couldn’t finish the tea because I didn’t like the taste. I could not taste even a hint of coconut. It’s possible that the ginger and black pepper dominated, but I’m not a professional taster. I like ginger in curries, but I’m not a fan of tea with a strong ginger taste. I couldn’t finish the cup of tea.
MildredBrooktondale, NY


This tea, while packaged beautifully, has no taste at all. Perhaps it is because I love a good spicy chai, and I love coconut, but this tea did nothing for me on either level. Save your money on this stuff.
AlanaPalmer, TX

A slice of heaven on earth!

First of all I have to say that I’m not a tea expert. I’ve been a diet coke addict all of my adult life and two years ago I started drinking green tea for the health benefits and to reduce my diet coke intake. During the summer, I discovered Chai cremas at the local coffee shop (oh, I don’t drink coffee either) and really liked them so a few months ago I decided to try hot Chai. I started drinking black Chai and then green Chai; I have graduated to such a large cup that now I can do a bag of each per ‘cup’. I quickly moved on to vanilla Chai. I drank the normal store brands and then discovered Stash teas, which I really do like (although I don’t think they make a black vanilla Chai w/caffeine). This afternoon I ran to the grocery store and discovered this tea and picked up a canister…it was on sale for $5.87 at a large chain discount grocery store. I brewed up a cup and added a little warm frothed vanilla almond milk (which is standard for me when drinking Chai). Oh. My. Goodness. SCORE!! This is simply the most amazing black tea I’ve yet to drink! The coconut flavor isn’t overpowering and it meshes splendidly with the other flavors: organic cinnamon, ginger, cardamom pods, whole cloves, orange peels, nutmeg, org. black pepper, organic cinnamon essential oil. I don’t add any sweetener, probably because the splash of vanilla almond milk makes it sweet enough for me.

The price on Amazon is better than any I’ve found so I’m going to subscribe and save TODAY so I can SHARE with my friends. The canister is lovely (perfect for gifting), the little tea sachet is really cute (although there is no string) and the aroma is incredible! Everyone deserves to indulge in this tea! I believe this tea is organic. The company is certified fair trade, they are environmentally conscious and a portion of their profits go to feed impoverished children…double SCORE!

As a side note, I’ve been drinking several cups (4-6) of Chai daily for the past two months – w/caffeine in the morning and w/out caffeine at night. My intake of Diet Coke has shrunk to one can a day (I used to drink at least 6). Amazingly, in that time frame I have dropped six pounds…6 lbs! I’m not a huge person either so dropping from 136 to 130 without changing anything but my daily intake of Chai is significant (to me). Not sure if that’s what is doing it (I haven’t changed anything else) but I’ll take that added benefit anyday!

LaneHillsboro, OH

Fantastic Chai

This tea is really, really good! Think of chai with a hint of coconut added to it. It’s a very comforting tea. My husband has two favorites, and this is one of them. Amazon was a life saver when our grocery store stopped carrying Zhena’s Gypsy Tea. Very good price for 6!
BernadetteNevisdale, KY

Best tea

I love this tea! Zhena’s tea is the only tea I drink and the coconut chai is my favorite. This is also the best price for these teas.
JaysonFarnham, NY