Zhena’s Organic Gypsy Tea, Coconut Chai Green Tea, 22 Sachets

A commitment to social responsibility, sustainability and the well-being of others has grown Zhena’s from a small humble band of loyal consumers to a successful, growing brand. Our mission is to enrich the lives of people everywhere through our offerings of only the purest and freshest teas, herbs and botanicals available, all the while protecting the health and harmony of our environment. As a community minded, pro-active company and one of the pioneer supporters of the Fair Trade model, Zhena’s recognizes that the health of our environment is a reflection of our own choices and actions. We continuously strive to develop the greatest organic, fair trade and sustainable product for our consumers and our planet. Because our teas are not mass-grown, but are nurtured, cultivated and hand processed by tea artisans, it is possible for us to offer the finest grades of unique and special harvests that protect the body and pamper the senses.

Quick facts

  • Warm, delicious green tea
  • Sweet and spicy coconut chai flavor
  • USDA organic
  • Fair Trade certified
  • Vegan

Top reviews

Coconut Chai Green Tea is the best!

I have become addicted to Zhena’s Gypsy Green Tea Coconut Chai! The flavors blend so well together, coconut, cinnamon, ginger, etc., is not overpowering and is so refreshing. I drink it every morning. I am sensitive to caffeine and the caffeine content is only 20 mg. I add a small amount of stevia or honey and a little fat free half and half, occasionally. DELICIOUS!
DanHarwood, MO

A real treat for green tea lovers

I learned about Zhena’s Coconut Green Tea from, um, O Magazine. I NEVER buy items recommended by magazines, since it is impossible to know whether something really IS good, or whether the recommender is simply making a bunch of money from the endorsement. But I love green tea and need to drink more of it because of its health benefits. And yet, I find it a little… dull.

So I indulged myself. And I am delighted that I did. Sometimes chai spices can be overwhelming. Those in Zhena’s Coconut Green Tea (ginger, cinnamon, clove, cardamom, nutmeg, black pepper) are understated, smoothed out by the coconut. That the tea is organic and fair trade-certified seals the deal for me.

I am going to stock up on Zhena’s for Valentine’s Day gifts, by the way, so don’t buy it all!

NakishaMinot, ME

Tastes great!

My only complaint is that on the bottom of the package, the expiration date is 2001. I don’t think that’s correct. I made several cups of tea before I noticed it, and figured that since I hadn’t had any adverse effects, either it was incorrect or it didn’t matter. It tastes refreshing and smells great! The combination of coconut and green tea is awesome!
CamilleCedar Knolls, NJ

Spicy and Delicious

This is the only green tea my husband will drink. The spices are wonderful. They cover the flavor of the green tea and make for a very aromatic cup. My only complaint is that it is very expensive for the quantity. After buying these tea bags packaged in a can we bought the tea again in bulk packaged in a bag. It was much cheaper per pound to buy it in bulk. I think with this product we mostly paid for the can not the small amount of tea inside. At least it is a nice can and we have found a way to use it to store cat treats.
BillyLaketown, UT