ZICO Premium Coconut Water, Natural, 14 fl oz

ZICO contains five electrolytes to support rapid hydration. .. One ZICO has as much potassium as a banana to help prevent cramping. Drink ZICO before or during a workout for the natural energy needed for optimal performance. After a workout, ZICO replenishes and re-hydrates to aide recovery.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve, 14-ounce bottles of ZICO Pure Premium Coconut Water–Natural
  • Blended with fresh Thai and Indonesian coconuts for a naturally better balance of potassium and sodium electrolytes to optimize post-workout hydration
  • Only 60 calories per bottle with 30% less sugar than other leading coconut waters and 20% less sugar and calories than leading chocolate milks
  • Zero fat, zero added sugar, and zero cholesterol
  • Comes in a re-sealable bottle that is made with 30% recycled materials and that is recyclable everywhere

Top reviews

Bummer: My fave packaged coconut water is RUINED!

Note: Please carefully review the NEGATIVE reviews before purchasing, as a Zico sales manager and probably others have been affecting the ratings/reviews/comments here due to original Zico drinkers posting critical reviews about this inferior new product that’s nowhere near as good as original Zico. Be forewarned.

~I’ve been drinking Zico for a couple years, getting my fix via amazon subscription. I and my sisters loved this stuff so much, I used to regularly order my shipments EARLY, and multiple cases at that.

Well, that’s it. They have officially lost me as a customer. After waiting impatiently for them to be back in stock in the natural (I hate the flavored ones), I just got the three cases I ordered.

Oh, my goodness. I have three cases of this horror! I can’t drink this!

I don’t know why they had to mess with a successful and deliciously refreshing beverage. I grew up drinking fresh coconut water (my family hails from the Caribbean), so I am well accustomed to the natural and subtle yumminess of coconut water. A chilled Zico used to be as close as I could get to the treat that is sipping from a straw right out of the chilled coconut that’s had it’s top sliced open for you on the spot (and it gets harder to find that in Metro Miami, but you still can).

Now, it’s not fit to drink. It smells funny. It tastes strange. The best I can describe it is that it reminds me of a watered-down version of the remainder-milk at the bottom of a bowl of Corn Pops when I was a kid–less sweet, more watery, but like that, with a chemically edge and a stale smell.

How messed up is this?

I can’t believe someone gave this bottled version 5 stars! That’s crazy. The OLD Zico deserved 5 stars. Not this. I hope those yoga places stop carrying it and tell Zico to bring back the fresh stuff. This sucks. I guess I better start mixing up these 35 bottles of zombie Zico with pomegranate juice or Acai Splash or something to cover up the taste and still benefit from the electrolytes. Hm. I suspect there will be an upswing in sales for O.N.E. and VitaCoco and other brands in the old packaging. I’ve tried both of those (still have some ONE in the fridge from my order while I waited for Zico). Both were inferior to Old Zico. Both are preferable to New Zico.

And someone please hand the president of Zico a bottle of this and ask hm if he REALLY thinks this is the taste of the stuff that made so many rabid fans, like I USED TO BE: past tense.

Hey, Mr. Zico CEO, give me back my money!!!! You sold me rubbish!

Okay, I ranted and got that off my chest. I do think having a recyclable bottle is great. The bottle feels good in the hand and makes it easy to add flavorings for those who prefer that. Easier to carry around. And I strongly suspect that those who are new to coconut water won’t realize this has declined in flavor, so it’s possible it can sell huge among the new initiates to the health benefits of coconut water.

But I still miss old Zico.

Note: I’m updating cause I found if I let the bottle sit with the cap off or pour out into a glass, the funny smell dissipates and it’s more drinkable. HTH.

Update: Found a great replacement. Ordered Organic coconut water from amazon, brand Nature Factor. It’s lovely. Lovely! So, at least I’ve found a happy replacement. Worth a try for those on the lookout for another tasty coconut water now that Zico sucks. Addendum: Found out that this brand uses very high heat to pasteurize and it may be nutrient compromised. If you mostly care about flavor, this one is great. If you are concerned about high heat, prolonged pasteurization, skip this one. HTH.

2nd Update: I received a reply to an email I sent to Zico via their website. I was told that new Zico in the bottle tastes “just like” young Thai coconut water. That it’s different from Brazilian c.w. and so takes getting used to. Hm. Well, I’ve had unprocessed/raw young Thai coconut water. I don’t recall it making me wanna spit it out. 🙂 Just sayin’.

3rd Update: Saw a couple online taste tests that gave props to Amy & Brian, also available here on amazon, so will be trying that, too, now that I’m coconut water peregrinating. Might be worth a shot to google up coconut water taste tests and see what might suit you if you aren’t anti-can. ADDENDUM: Tried it, loved the first batch in the 17.5 oz cans. I emailed the company and it’s just CW (not from concentrate) and it’s FLASH Pasteurized, so the nutrient count should be comparable to other coconut waters in the tetra paks (though A&B will likely show a higher carb/calorie count due to its sweetness). If you’re carb-counting, you may wanna compare. If your main concern is “natural” and tasty-sweet, then consider Amy & Brian’s. Really nice. Warning: Ordered a second batch in the 10 oz cans, and it tasted odd. Candy-sweet, like candy that melted in water. So, I can no longer recommend this brand due to flavor inconsistencies on that scale. Pity, as my first order was AMAZING. boohoo

4th Update: Old Zico from Brazilian coconuts will be back in September. If you liked old Zico, WAIT, don’t buy this one. Also, in a letter from the Zico Sales Director to a reviewer here (see discussion for details), the Zico rep said they’d increased sodium in this bottled Asian CW Zico to “optimize” hydration benefits. So, it’s not just that it’s from concentrate, it’s “optimized” to make it saltier. By optimized, I don’t mean they ADDED sodium, but used a mix of coconuts to “optimize.” (Note: I know this cause the sales manager of Zico, Sherif P. Bates, replied to a discussion with a clarification, and this comment was posted under his own review post here. See discussion of comments under “Todd O’Connor”. ) I don’t know about y’all, but part of the reason why I like CW is that it’s great to keep highish blood pressure normal due to its high Potassium. I do not need–and most Americans don’t need–more sodium in their beverages or food. Maybe elite athletes sweating up a storm do, but not the rest of us who just exercise moderately (or not at all). So, there you go: New Zico. More sodium, less flavor.

Note about reviews: Do check the reviewer’s profile. If a reviewer is five-star (or four-star, even) raving about this product and has only reviews for Zico products and has no verified amazon purchase, find a grain of salt to toy with. That’s no guarantee, naturally, but sometimes is a clue to…well, you can guess. (Note: See comments under the review by “Todd O’Connor” and under Alio “Alio”s review for an explanation of how I learned about ONE fake review and Alio “Alio” confirming the fake identity.)

JanaFenwick, WV

My favorite one so far…

So I haven’t tried EVERY coconut water available – but I do love Zico in the reclosable bottle. It is from concentrate, yes…it does include coconuts from more than just Brazil, yes…it does kinda taste like milk at the bottom of your cereal bowl – Yes! I love it! I know that it tastes a little different from the Zico U get in the tetra pak, so maybe they should change the name of it – still a great beverage! I have it set to autoship monthly! Yummy…
I also like O.N.E. coconut water – the flavored ones are good, the plain natural flavor is still my best from them.
I also like Zico in Passion Fruit & I also like the natural Zico in the tetra pak.
No, I don’t work for Zico!
CaseyWest Baden Springs, IN

Price is absurd.

This is the basically the cheapest form to buy any of the three popular coconut water. I did the math and to put the cost in retrospective it comes to $10 per 2 liters of this coconut water.
This may not register to some with no concept of themselves being ripped off. There are other things out there that are better quality and less expensive and more specific for what you are looking for. If your look for something to quench thirst I highly recommend Metromint water. If your looking for things for your natural lifestyle then find a fruit with more umph than coconut.
IsisWaves, NC

Still Amazing!!!

I was never a really big fan of ZICO natural before … until the bottle came out. Honestly, I absolutely LOVE, LOVE the nuttier flavor and can’t drink enough of it. It’s significanlty more drinkable for someone who’s never had coconut water a part of their daily diet. The original flavors are great, Mango and Passion. I first fell in love with ZICO by drinking the Passion, then I started to wanting less flavor and transitioned to Mango. But never full latched onto natural. Though, I’ve been wanting to make the switch.

With the bottle now, it’s what I’ve been waiting for. I LOVE IT!!! It’s amazing to just chug it cold after a hard work out, and you know it’s packed with natural electrolytes, potassium, and so much more. Great for your skin and internal system. Overall it’s just an amazing beverage. I can’t stop raving about it to all my friends, family, and fellow athletes. Currently, I’m training for an aquathon, and I don’t know how I did it before. But there’s no going back now.

My other favorite in the bottle is Lima Citron. It’s so tasty. It just brings me back to my childhood since the smell reminds me of Fruit Loops! And it taste just as yummy, but sooo much better for you.

Look I’ll be honest. The bottle isn’t tetra, and it’s not meant to be. Tetra is great in it’s own right, but this new line has proposed another fabulous alternative to all those who love coconut water but needed more versility with the on-go lifestyle. So credit is due for that.

I’m super stoked that ZICO gave us consumers two options: tetra and bottle. And I’m going to enjoy both fully!! It’s just wonderful to switch up the flavors. Somedays I’ll have Natural others Mango. When I’m training, it’ll be the bottle. At the office, it’ll be the tetra. Any way you look at it, ZICO is helping me be healthier whether it’s in the bottle or tetra. It’s just a personal preference at this point. So try it and be your own judge.

Besides when I found out that the bottle is actually more environmentally friendly, I was happily surprised. Tetra isn’t recylced by many plants nationally. 30% of the bottle is made from recylced materials and is 100% recylcable(including the cap – unlike water bottles). Personally, this is important to me.

And I agree with the other reviewers with regards to the concentrate and the decrease of their carbon foot print. It’s true and relevant.

ZICO, thank you for the amazing products you continue to give to us, and most importantly thank you for promoting a healthier, more hydrated lifestyle in a fabulously tasty way via bottle or tetra. Here’s to you in breaking the mold and trying to help more people with your new bottle while still keeping tetra for those who’ve become so loyal. Hat’s off!!! You’ve now acquired another fan for life!!!


P.S. ZICO is still amazing.

SamualGrayson, KY

from concentrate! tastes horrible! yuck!

I recently purchased one of these from my local supermarket. I thought the flavor of the box version of zico was ok so I figured they just redesigned their package…Boy was I wrong!
I took a sip and as fast as the liquid entered my mouth, it also left the other way! Yuck! It tastes like really sugary old coconuts. I then looked at the ingredients and see “premium coconut water from concentrate, natural flavors.”
I just don’t get it: Why would they go from using fresh coconut water in their box version to concentrated coconut water in this not very environmental friendly plastic bottle–and charge more for it!? Am I missing something?
The taste is horrible and I really wish they would go back to their original formulation. There are enough pure coconut water products like vita coco, one, on the market, so why settle for something from concentrate, pay more for it, and hurt the planet with more plastic?
MertieCobb, WI

People consider this refreshing?

I’m sure the flaw with this product is with coconut water in general and not with Zico. I gasped when I first sipped this drink. There is a strange saltiness in the taste and the passion fruit and orange peel are barely perceivable.

Amazon was kind enough to refund me the cost of this order. Lesson to be learned: try to find a sample of a product before you buy a case of it.

HershelWing, AL

Coconut water is coconut water, chocolate is chocolate.

I have been drinking Zico coconut water for sometime. One day I saw Zico Chocolate Coconut water. So gave it a try. well, to me it was chocolate drink but my expectation of a coconut water was not there.

I threw rest of the bottle and kept my distance from this drink.

Agreed that Zico coconut water is not the best coconut water but it is close enough to enjoy without any other ingredient in it and definitely not chocolate.

TonyaHudson, WI


Finally someone figured it out to put coconut water in a bottle. Love the fact that i can walk around with and it won’t spill. I never liked the Natural flavors (none of the brands, not even zico) but I’ve tried Natural in a bottle and it IS good.
PhilGreenville, VA

I hate coconuts, but I love this!

I’m not one to write reviews, only when I love / hate the product and for one thing, I HATE coconuts. However, I first tried the passion fruit flavored Zico and thought, this doesn’t taste like coconuts at all! I loved the taste and soon got addicted to how good I felt post workouts. I tried the other mango flavor, and liked it too, so thought I’d venture to the natural coconut one. To my surprise, it wasn’t what I remembered coconuts tasted like, in fact, it was more refreshing than the other flavors!
I love the new bottle Zico has come out with, it makes drinking and cooling Zico so much easier. The Lime and Pomberry additions are amazing! The bottles make traveling with it easier, and now, I don’t have to drink in one sitting.
Best time to drink a Zico though is after a hard night of partying. I don’t know what it is, but after a night of drinking, I always reach for a Zico and the next morning, its as if nothing happened the night before. I’m a firm believer in the natural remedies of coconuts now, post workout, post drinking, post anything where you exert energy. I still won’t eat a real coconut, but I will drink a Zico. I’ve tried the other brands out there and cannot stomach it, but for some reason, love Zico.
FaustinaSpringdale, PA

Best coconut water I’ve ever had

Love the taste. Dont know why this drink has such bad reviews but I personally like this much more than O.N.E’s coconut water.
JordanEast Randolph, NY

its really good for you…

This product is really good for you healthy wise. But if you cant swallow it, its a waste of fricken money!! it tastes like a tangy spoiled milk to me. I bought this for my sister. She and I have heard its really good for you and did the research to follow it up. I know not everything good for you tastes/smells pleasant, so you just put it down the hatch because you know its what your body needs to run at a optimal level. But I cant do it with this. And Ive drank all sorts of nasty smelling health stuff. I just cant get over the connection to spoiling milk. My sister is drinking the rest of our package. But Ive noticed that shes been drinking hers with lots of ice and she doesnt do it every day because its so awful. We will not be buying this again. I hope this helps some of the customers looking at this product (even if my opinion is of the miniority).
DannyEffingham, NH

Weird salty/sour flavor

I love coconut juice but I don’t love this. I should also mention that I love pina coladas too. Though I understand that pina coladas are made with coconut MILK and not coconut juice, I thought there would be some parallels.
First of all, this drink has a strange salty flavor. Secondly, it’s not sweet. It SMELLS sweet and pineapple-y, but the flavors just don’t coordinate with each other and don’t match the smell.
DavidWest Groton, MA

This is coconut “water” not “juice”.

I misread the label. I was looking for real juice – not some water-down passion fruit flavoring. It’s like buying fruit punch when you actually want fruit juice. And this is expensive coconut water.
CharaEvans, LA

Absolutely loving this!!

I’ve always been a loyal ZICO coconut water fan, and so was extremely excited to hear about the new packaging…and I have to say that I was MORE than pleased! The new blend that they use reminds me more of the Thai coconuts I grew up drinking and the bottles make it so convenient for me to carry around with me since I’m always on the go.

The concentrate does not bother me at all, as after doing some research online, my negative opinion of the term has completely been changed. It doesn’t mean that it’s not natural or that anything is added – it simply means that they have taken the water out and shipped over just the goodness (which by the way, is WAY more environmentally friendly than shipping water across the world!!) and added back the water through reverse osmosis. Hey, if you’re a POM or Sambazon fan – then you know that they are from concentrate too!

The flavors are super yummy too! I’m in love with the Pomberry. Another thumbs up about the bottle? It’s 100% recyclable!! YUP! 100% – including the cap! There aren’t too many products out there where you can recylce the cap. Also, it’s made from number 2 plastic which means that it’s made from recylced materials. I used to find it hard to recylce the carton packaging, as not many facilities knew how to recycle it since it’s made from so many different materials.

Two thumbs up on the new packaging and the new taste profile!! Now only if they came out with more flavors…

RobertoFranklin, ME

Wow Amazing

Hi everyone I am Thai and I have not yet tried this product.
I saw the ad and just want to stop by to share you guys about my experience.
I am just amazed how pricey coconut water could be.
In Thailand, you can buy fresh coconut with water inside for $ 1-2 only !!
However, I admit that the packaging looks attractive and makes the product valuable
CasimiraSuperior, MT

New bottle/formula tastes plastic-y

I really like Zico in the tetra pak. When I tried the bottled formula, I didn’t realize that the formula was any different…I just thought it was a new bottle. My reaction to every sip was that it tasted and smelled very plastic-y. It seemed that sitting in the plastic bottle was imparting a plastic flavor to the drink. I couldn’t even finish the drink and immediately wrote a letter to Zico asking for the Tetra Pak back! I then did a little research and realize that this is the new flavor of this formula using a new variety of coconut and from concentrate. I really don’t like this new flavor at all. I will not be buying this product in the bottle again.
CarlosGlenwood, MN

I heart this stuff_and it HAS to be ZICO.

After living in India, Southeast Asia, Central America and a native of California – I’ve seriously become addicted to coconut water. Hydration, Nutrition, Refreshment and Taste.

Hydration and Nutrition – working as a dive instructor in the Gulf of Thailand, often times travelers would show up in not so fresh of a state from the night before. My go-to was always to make them drink coconut water. Natural electrolytes!

Refreshment and Taste – not only is this stuff good for you, it tastes awesome. Feels like water and tastes like fresh sweetness but without that gross syrupy fake flavor.

With so many brands out there trying to sell me the magic water in the bottle, it’s hard to figure out which company is the real deal. I like ZICO for one main reason:

– 100% natural COCONUT WATER. That’s it. Some other brands out there are actually “coconut juice” and contain sugar, preservatives and even stuff like sodium metabisulfite…huh? I have a bottle from another company and it’s been in my fridge for like weeks.

ZICO’s ingredient: 100% coconut water. 🙂 Nice job ZICO.

And I like the packaging. The blue with beach picture reminds me of far off places while sitting in my office.

TameikaSturgis, MI

Read the label

Although the plain coconut water has a good enough taste, there are additives. It says with natural flavors. And, if you read the label, you will see it is from concentrate. Personally, I prefer 100% pure coconut water. Nothing else. No additives. Not from concentrate. There is no reason for additives. Also, even though they are recyclable, I do think that there are other brands out there with more earth-friendly packaging.

Just this reader’s opinion.

DrucillaGould, AR

new zico bottles are FANTASTIC!

Thank you ZICO! i love the new bottles. I was a huge fan of the tetra packs but i couldnt take em anywhere. I’ve been taking the new bottle to gym, in my bike and just walking around. The pomberry is my fave. The natural in a bottle tastes more like coconut water straight from a coconut. Love ’em! come out with some more flavors soon!
KristyPlevna, MT

Cheapest for a reason

I prefer coconut water to Gatorade or other sports drinks for re-hydration; in addition to being natural, they are packed with electrolytes and their taste is no better, no worse.

Zico, however, is form concentrate. Calling their product ‘Pure Premium’ seems very misleading when other products are actually pure and this one has been modified. If you’re being frugal, this product works fine, but personally, I’d spare the extra few bucks and go with Vita Coco or One.

MardellTaos, NM

Finally!! Zico is my Hero! =)

Finally Zico put my favorite coconut water in a resealable and recyclable bottle! And the flavors are awesome!

If you haven’t tried coconut water before start with Zico, it tastes like the real deal.

I’ve been trying to cut out refined sugar but drinking water only got boring and didn’t do the trick after hard workouts and runs. I did some research and learned a few of the many benefits of coconut water– tons of electrolytes, potassium, low acidity, etc. and Zico is hands down my favorite. Its really refreshing and more hydrating than Gatorade (which my kids even my kids have abandoned for Zico!) I’ve tried some other brands but Zico blows them out of the water, literally!

I’ve told all of my spinning students about it and they agree that Zico is the best one out there because of its great taste and now its even better because its in a bottle! We try to recycle as much as we can but Ohio doesn’t have centers that can take the old packaging but luckily the new Zico bottle is made from a #2 plastic – which is the same as the milk jugs you can recycle anywhere.

AnnamariaSalyersville, KY


I love, I mean LOVE the new Zico bottle. The new bottle allows me to take it everywhere. The old packaging I had to use a straw cause I didn’t really like having my mouth on it and had to finish it before I really did anything, but now that the bottles are out…possibilities are endless. Thank you Zico! My favorite flavor is the natural; it also tastes delicious with a little rum in it.
LawerenceAnton, TX


This is a terrible product. It just tastes like cocoa and water, no coconut water flavor/taste. Plus at the bottom of the bottle there are chunks of undissolved cocoa. Beware chocolate lovers you will be disappointed.
SummerBrookfield, MA

I love Zico!!!!

After trying Zico in a Walgreens in downtown Chicago, I’ve been hooked! I love the taste of it, it is unbeatable and really quenches thirst. The other reviews I read say that it tastes plasticy, but I have never thought so. I doesn’t taste like plastic at all and it’s much more convenient then the Terapack. I tried Vita Coco when I had a coconut water craving (because I couldn’t find Zico) and almost puked! Vita Coco smelled like fermented lactose mixed with the scent of Original Chapstick and if someone handed it to me in a blank glass, I would have NEVER identified it as coconut water. I threw it out as soon as I got off the subway.

Vita Coco is horrible! Zico Coconut water is AMAZING and is far better than Vito Coco!

WavaSalem, VA

now made from Concentrate, “natural flavor” added..yuk!

Coca Cola now partially owns Zico. So, now it’s made from concentrate, has added “natural flavors” and is packaged in plastic. How to ruin nature’s perfect drink for profit. This was my favorite, now I will not buy this “new formula” again…Looking to find another like Zico used to be. Don’t know yet if the Zico tetra pak is still the “old formula”..also..rumor has it that Pepsi is looking to buy Vita Coco..so will be keeping my eye on this, too
GeralynBasile, LA


I love the new Zico in a bottle! To me, it tastes the most like real coconut water straight from the coconut. Even when it was in tetra, Zico was my favorite (VitaCoco tastes like pure garbage and ONE isn’t so great either) but I love that it is finally in a bottle so that I can take it with me to the gym and anywhere else I’m going.

Can’t wait to try the other flavors!!

WilfordClarks Point, AK

one of the best and healthy coconut water on earth

I tried other coconut water and i really love this one =Delicious and Healthy Coconut Water . If somebody did not like it then can send it to me , i will be happy to drink it for you (Mir?). I gonna order it again and again.(Oh la la … dont care about the bad reviewes )
GinetteMontpelier, ND

This is not good

The taste is bad.. plus it is from concentrate so I dont think it has the same work out
recovery effects.
Now dont get me wrong Zito had a great idea on being able to take the drink to the gym or
biking, but I much prefer the new Vita Coco new screw top, they have much better flavors
ONE is pretty good but not as good as Vita coco and this one is about as good as those
cans which are terrible.
LucretiaLabolt, SD

Better Than I Expected

Pom is my favorite, but natural was much different, and better, than I expected. Different taste than the old ZICO, but there’s less sugar, though it doesn’t seem like it’s any less sweet. Still getting used to the new natural flavor, but by the second bottle I’m starting to rather prefer it over the old.
ThersaDelmont, SD

Don’t be tempted by the price…

The new price is very attractive. However, it tastes horrible. Maybe if you haven’t had the old Zico, or any other of the coconut water brands you might find it acceptable.
YangNeptune Beach, FL