Zoe Anti-Oxidant 6.6-Ounce Treat Sticks, Large

Zoe Natural Lifestyle Treat Sticks Zoe Natural Lifestyle Treat Sticks for Dogs are formulated with tasty and tantalizing ingredients that fuel and maintain your pet’s health. They are a great everyday fresh-tasting cinnamon flower-shaped snack that helps clean teeth with a texture that dogs love. This low fat treat is completely digestible, comes in two sizes, large and small, and three distinct formulas; Anti-Oxidant, Puppy, and Low Calorie. All formulas of Zoe Natural Treat Sticks for Dogs contain organic quinoa, a high protein/high fiber grain from ancient South America that is an excellent source of energy, calcium, and riboflavin. Zoe Treats are gluten-free, wheat-free, corn-free, and soy-free. They contain no dyes or additives, and Zoe Treats are safe for dogs that may have allergies to wheat or grains. Whether you have a new puppy, an older dog that requires a little extra help in maintaining a healthy immune system, or simply a dog who likes to snack a little more often than others, Zoe Natural Lifestyle Treat Sticks offers formulas that cater to a wide range of dog’s needs. Zoe Treat Sticks in Large Size Zoe Natural Lifestyle Treat Stick Sizes Small Zoe Treat Sticks Treat stick measures 4.63” long, .28” in diameter and weigh 6.2 ounces. For dogs weighing between 6-12 pounds feed one stick per day; 12-20 pounds feed 2 sticks per day; 20-30 pounds feed 2-3 sticks per day. Large Zoe Treat Sticks Treat stick measures 4.63” long, .59” in diameter and weigh 6.6 ounces. For dogs weighing between 30-60 pounds feed one stick per day; 60 pounds and up, feed 2 sticks per day. Three Formulas of Zoe Natural Lifestyle Treat Sticks Package of Zoe Anti-Oxidant Treat Sticks Zoe Natural Puppy Treats Uniquely created to be an excellent source of Omega-3 DHA fatty acids for proper brain development. The dense chewy texture helps naturally satisfy your puppy’s teething and chewing instinct. Zoe Natural Anti-Oxidant Dog Treats An easy, great tasting way to add to your best friend’s daily diet with natural anti-oxidants. Zoe Anti-Oxidant Dog Treats include green tea, rosemary and vitamin C, which are all known to help promote and support a healthy immune system in large and small breed adult and senior dogs. Zoe Natural Low Calorie Dog Treats Ideal for dogs with weight challenges or those that are on restricted diets. These low calorie treats include L-Carnitine to help boost metabolism and burn fat. Zoe Low Calorie treats are high in fiber to keep dogs fuller longer, and are recommended for any size dog. **All Zoe Natural Lifestyle Treat Sticks are made in the U.S.A.

Quick facts

  • Great dog treat for helping to maintain a healthy immune system
  • Contains Organic Quinoa: a high energy, high fiber, high protein super grain
  • No dyes or additives; Great source of soluble fiber
  • Delicious cinnamon spice flavor
  • Large; Measures 4-5/8 inches long, 15mm thick

Top reviews

My Aussie kinda likes them

My 5-year-old Australian shepherd, Pete, has put on a lot of weight in the last 18 months, so I was curious to see how he would take to a low calorie treat.
I placed a regular size Milk Bone, a small Beggin’ Strip, and a Zoe treat stick side-by-side on the carpet and invited Pete to help himself.
Being wary like most Aussies, he cautiously sniffed each offering, then took the Milk Bone. When he was finished with the Milk Bone, he picked the Beggin’ Strip. Finally, when there was only one choice left, he took the Zoe treat stick.
I did this test with him four times to see if he would develop a taste for the Zoe treat sticks, but the results were always the same.
From a health and caloric point of view, the Zoe treat sticks may be the better choice, but Pete’s interested in them only if nothing else is available.
I suppose that’s true of people and diet food too.
At any rate, Pete gives ’em 2 stars.
CoraleeSarah Ann, WV

Healthy treat!

Zoe Lifestyle Treats for Dogs are a healthy alternative to the typical high-calorie dog snacks which you find in stores today. The product is gluten-free and is a good source of soluble fiber. These treats are as hard as a rock which would probably be troublesome for older dogs with poor teeth. I tested these treats on a 2-year-old lab and a 9-year-old golden retriever. Keep in mind…they will eat just about anything. Both dogs threw the sticks on the ground and proceeded to sniff them. I am not sure, but I think the cinnamon spice flavor threw them off a bit. After rolling the sticks around on the ground, I am happy to report that they ate them. The next day, I offered them another treat and they didn’t seem too excited. Overall, if you are into healthy dog food, these snacks are sensible treats. Personally, I wouldn’t buy them again due to the price and the firmness of the product. I would be concerned that my dog would break a tooth.
BoPateros, WA

Doggy likey, wallet not so much

Thought I would try something new since my mixed breed senior stopped eating the daily morning bone (!) we would give him for breakfast (Iam’s brand). He immediately took to these, which kind of surprised me given they are…”spicy” and I never knew him to like things like that. Who knew dogs like cinnamon?!

Anyhoo, seems to like them fine, and I definitely like the fact that they are lo cal, but the price…geez…a little overpriced! I always thought the Greenies were good, but crazy expensive, and these seem to be priced at least as high as Greenies.

Also, the fact that the manufacturer instructions indicate two of these sticks a day, and the fact that there are about 6-8 a pack, seems a little crazy. So buy 2 packs a week?! Come on…make a box with 30 or 40 if you want people to actually follow your instructions without buying a silly amount of bags of these things (and hopefully to help get cost down)! They probably don’t do this because people would get sticker shock if they saw these priced in a box (would be approx. $30-$40!)

Pricing is way off, but product seems to be good.

Edit: After trying these out, I signed up for a “subscription” to have the larger version (in the shape of bones) delivered via Amazon…and for my biggish dog, I like the bone version much better…he spends more time chewing it (partly why I wanted these was to use as a teeth cleaning device). If you have a big dog (>70 lbs or so I guess), you might want to check out the Large Zoe dental chew treats instead. Also note that the “subscribe and save” option via Amazon makes the cost much more palatable, so diminishes my complaint about price somewhat.

EmogeneWestford, NY

My dogs love these.

These are sticks with ribs protruding. I am going to use the same review I did for another ZOE product, because it is as true for this product as it was for the other one:

I have an older dog – Lab/Pit mix = and a puppy – Maltese/ShiTzu mix, about 5 months. They fight to take these away from each other. They growl when the other approaches. It’s funny to watch, and they are usually fairly good about sharing. If Big steals from Little, Little finds Big’s treat and steals it for herself. And vice versa. Not these. They go to opposite ends of the house and glare balefully at t’other while they chew. I would certainly buy these – if my local store carried them and I had a coupon and they were on sale. I’d like both a coupon AND on sale, but for these, I might only require one; the dogs love them that much.

HarlandAntioch, IL

Low Calorie Large beats Dentastix

My dog loves this treat and I like it better than the Pedigree Dentastix. I’m comparing the two products to each other because they look so similar in color, size, shape. But my dog will tell you that the texture is definitely different. The Zoe appears tougher and chewier. It last minutes longer than the Dentastix per serving. My dog will sit and take his time to chew through the Zoe chew stix, which I like. Compared to the Pedigree stuff I get from my local Target which seems to disappear in his mouth and he’s begging again after just a few seconds. The manufacturer’s feeding directions says to feed two sticks a day. The calorie count is 90 per stick. I can’t recommend that to your pet. I’m going to give this as a once a week treat, alternating with other stuff since my cocker is prone to getting fat. Unlike Dentastix, this does not indicate any dental health benefits. Still, this is made of quinoa and is gluten free, in case you care about that stuff. Cute packaging and is conveniently resealable. I would buy again and recommend to others.

UPDATE: I have bought this again since my dog loves it so much. The second package I got, I actually decided to count houw many sticks came in one bag. There are only 6 if you get the large size like I do. 6 stick for $6. They tell you to give one or two sticks a day. Nevermind the calories (90 per stick)… but one bag might not even last you a week if you follow manufacturer’s directions. Kind of pricey at $1 per stick. Greenies on Amazon (regular size) are less expensive. Anyway, I still think that this is a great product and I would still buy it… but believe me, I will be buying less often and only give it to my dogs on special ocassions!

AlvaSouth Cle Elum, WA

Unfortunately caused an allergy to my poochie

This treat did not have good reaction with my Jack Russell terrier mix, he ate it fine and even enjoyed it, but then he suddenly became quite hyper and nervous like he was having caffeine shakes. I definitely will not be feeding this to him again. It is too bad also since this looked to be a great treat, I looked at the ingredient list and did some research on all the ingredients and the only one that can cause an allergy is carrageenan, which is the vegetarian equivalent of casein, used as filler. It is a natural ingredient derived from seaweed, but is said to cause digestive problems. Most doggie treats do not contain carrageenan so this is the only ingredient that may have caused a reaction in my dog. I am giving the treat two stars for the effort and intention, but there really should have been more research regarding the fillers.
LizCopper City, MI

Variety is the spice of life

I have 2 dogs and while I don’t give a lot of treats, I like to have a variety of items on hand to put in the everlasting ball, Kong etc., to keep them interested on days when the weather is not conducive to getting out. My thought with these sticks was that if I cut a little off one end, it would be a perfect fit for the everlasting ball. It turns out, they are hard as a rock! I tried a couple of different knives and even my meat cleaver, but none of them made any headway in cutting off the 2″ I needed to remove. Then I picked it up and tried to break it with my hands, and it snapped in two right on the line I had been trying to cut (perhaps I scored it a little). Anyway, it turns out that is the secret to these things – breaking instead of cutting.

I am not in the least concerned about the caloric value of them so that was not figured into my perception of the treats in any way. One of my dogs is slender – the other downright skinny (has a high metabolism and is offered plenty to eat but never finishes a meal). The older, slender dog got the 2″ bit I cut off and the younger skinny dog got the remainder of the stick in her everlasting ball. May not be fair but she had to work harder to get it so it all comes out in the wash.

The older dog practically took my hand off to get to the treat quickly. Once she had it, she ran off and put it back on the floor so she could take her time with it. I will say that the little 2″ stick lasted her much longer than I would have expected so I rate them high for that reason. The chewing action is good for their teeth/jaws and is far preferable to a treat they gobble down without tasting.

The younger dog went racing after her everlasting ball and stayed busy for a long time trying to get it out. I wasn’t around when she finally succeeded to know how long it took her to eat it but am glad it kept her interested for awhile.

The packaging is cute and the bag is resealable. I believe they are kind of pricey and for that reason I might not order them again. Otherwise I am completely satisfied.

JeanettaBishop, GA

The dog loves it!

Normally, I spell out the ingredients off of the package when I do these reviews; but I’m learning that people do not mark that as helpful. So, if you are curious about the ingredients…please read the description! And, I obviously have not ate one of these dog treats personally! But I can tell you this much–my dog loves these treats. In fact, I have never seen her run so fast to get a treat. If I leave the package out on the counter…she hangs around and sits until I give her one. She actually will mind perfectly if she knows these treats are out. It’s kind of funny, really! I honestly have to hide them…because other wise she will keep sniffing under the pantry door. The product itself smells like a dog treat, and it’s a good sized treat for my dog. (She is a 78 pound boxer) So for smaller dogs you could probably break it in half and make the bag last longer. My dog has eaten the sticks on the carpet…and I have not noticed any stains, so I don’t think there is a lot of coloring to them. I clean up after her anyway because that is my preference…but I don’t get the brown color like other treats. Anyway, because of my dogs response to them…I am getting them again. They’ll make a great stocking stuffer!!
KourtneyRowland Heights, CA

Dogs love them

Gave them to my beagles, who are both pretty picky, and they both ate them up. Nice that they are low calorie since my dogs are kind of tubby.
TerranceBroadway, NJ

Great item, disappointing price & shipping service from Amazon

Love these treats for my puppy and my veterinarian was pleased with this product since the pup is slightly overweight and made in the USA, unfortunately they are quite pricey. But when I started on the automatic monthly shipments from Amazon at the reduced price, Amazon cancelled the automatic shipments before the first shipment, for whatever reason, so now I have to buy them at the full higher price. I guess someone wanted MORE MONEY so I will have to either buy them less frequently or find somewhere else to get them at a better price or look for something else. How sad for my puppy, she really, really enjoys these treats.
JessiaTawas City, MI

puppy catnip

I was looking for something healthy as a treat to my puppy. My 10 week old puppy loves these things. whenever I go near them she gets wound up. They also give her a boost of energy for another hour. I like to cut them in half and stick them in a kong toy and let her spend 10 – 30 minutes working on getting the stick out.

At any rate, puppy likes these, so they are a win in my mind.

StefanyLas Animas, CO

My Corgi loves these!

I’m reordering because my Corgi really enjoys these Quinoa protein sticks. I give them as a special treat. They
don’t last long, but he really likes the flavor
ErleneClarence, PA

I have purchased them again!

My dog has a very sensitive stomach. I’ve found very few treats that she can eat without throwing them up. I thought I would try Zoe treats since they had all natural ingredients and I have very few choices so far my dog likes. Well – So far so good, she loves the treats and no problems with her stomach. Because of her sensitive stomach and size I give her ½ of a stick at a time and she likes then so well she begs for more. It’s nice to find a healthy treat that my dog likes. I have purchased them again!
NadaValier, IL

Shih Tzus & Pekinese loved them

My Shih Tzus & Pekinese loved them – I even signed up for “subscribe & save” so I can automatically get them sent to me monthly.
QuyenAsh Fork, AZ

Black Lab loves them

My black lab loves these and she never likes dog treats. Finally found something that can keep her occupied for more than a few seconds. It takes her about 5 minutes to chomp through one of these but she really enjoys them so I keep buying them.
BlytheHillsboro, NM

Sammy loves Zoe Low Calorie Treat Sticks

My black Lab Sammy loves the Zoe Low Calorie Treat Sticks I bought at Amazon. Because they have only 28 calories each, he can enjoy a few every day. The treats are also good for his teeth as they keep down the tartar.
ThanhAleknagik, AK

great treats for small dogs

I have 3 dogs so its not easy finding a treat that all 3 can have and now this one fits the bill! The two aussie shepherds get a full piece but the min-pin/chihuahua mix gets it cut in half. They love them and always look forward to this special treat.
KevenRolla, KS

My dogs love them

My two Portuguese Water Dogs are loving this treat. They need a low cal option and there aren’t that many in the stores. These are just what they need and love.
JewelFalls City, TX

Great treat for the older, overweight dog

One of our neighborhood dogs is a love, but as he’s gotten older, he’s gained weight. We’ve always kept treats on hand for his visits, but his owner naturally wants to limit extra calories. With these treats, we can honor her wishes and give our neighbor a special snack when he drops by for a visit. He enjoys them, his owner is happy — it’s all good.
EthelynAdolph, MN

My dog liked the treats

I find it hard to review something I don’t experience myself, but I’ll try my best here.

I gt these treats to see what my dog would think of them. My dog liked the treat. He also had some fun chewing the treat, so it was good for chewing and as food.
I can also state that the treats did not affect his health either positively or negatively. His stool was also consistent pre-treat and post-treat. In other words, the treats are safe to give to your dog.

OleneNorcross, GA

The Pup gives thumbs up

Our dog does not suffer from any allergies so that was not a factor for us. He did enjoy these sticks quite a bit and that is a huge factor for us. I like that they are calorie controlled. Even so, I break the sticks in half so they will last longer. If your pet does suffer from allergies, this is an excellent choice when you combine the health aspect with the enjoyment aspect.
GertrudDutchtown, MO

My dog loved them, and tolerated them!

I have a dog that has a history of poor tolerance to several dog foods and treats. My dog LOVED these snack sticks and he did not have any digestive issues with them whatsoever. For these reasons I would certainly consider purchasing them again. My 21 lb Cockapoo was able to eat a full stick in well under 5 minutes, they are not a long lasting chew snack.
MichealWinlock, WA

Good Treat Stick for Dogs

I tried out these treat sticks for my dog and she quite liked them. They are somewhat chewer and take longer to get through that similar chew sticks so they keep the little beast occupied a bit longer. And if the packaging can be believed, they are healthier than other chew sticks too. I will likely buy her some more of these.
ZacharyChattaroy, WA

ordering more

My dog (who is on a diet) loved these and I didn’t feel so guilty giving him a treat. They are good for large dogs as they are a healthy size, must be tasty as he gobbled them right up (and he’s picky) and they are low calorie…what more could you want.
RossieRetsil, WA

Safe dog chew-treats

These are the kind of dog treats that take the dog a few minutes to chew up. They break into safe pieces so they won’t get lodged in the throat or further down, but they still take a few minutes to eat as they are kind of hard. I thought they smelled sort of medicinal, but my dog seemed to like them a lot.
RendaBison, KS

Pretty large

These treat sticks are larger than I thought they would be. I ended up cutting them down for my miniature dachshund (easy to do, you only have to notch into them a bit with a large knife and then bend in half). She seemed to like them a lot, but I wish they’d taken more time for her to chew down. She was able to eat one pretty quickly. That would be my only negative, in that I like a treat this size to take a while for my dog to chew it down.
HellenEl Dorado Hills, CA

A great dog treat for special diet or sensitive needs

I saved these treat sticks for my German Shepherd who had been licking her paws a lot to the point of bleeding. When I told the vet about it she suggested a wheat free diet. These treats went right along with that new diet since they are gluten-free, wheat-free, corn-free, and soy-free. They are also good for the dogs teeth. She liked them and enthusiastically ate them all. The vet was right….. along with diet changes, to include these low calorie treats, my German Sheppard quit her over-licking problem. They are somewhat solid, but chewy for the dog and it’s evident the dog enjoyed the taste. I will continue to use these treats for my Shepherd and will purchase the medium sized treat sticks for my smaller English Setter.
YasukoLancaster, OH

Dog Treats

My two dogs really enjoyed these treats and downed them in no time at all, In fact I wish they had been harder to chew, and lasted longer for the price they were
CathieUnion City, NJ

Bella says ‘yum’

If I didn’t know this was a dog treat I might have mistaken for a piece of plastic from one of my kids many toys. It’s very solid, therefore it keeps my dog busy for awhile, which is great. She loves them. Best part for me though was the scent. It’s got a lovely scent of warm spice.

Because it doesn’t smell bad, nor crumble, it’s ideal for popping in my pocket when I’m on my way out w the dog.

LoreanGranville Summit, PA

Low Calorie Dog Treats

I have a dog that is a Jack Russell Terrier that will eat anything and her weight shows it… So it really isn’t saying much that she likes these treats. On the plus side, they are low-calorie and it takes her longer to eat one of the Zoe sticks than it does to eat one of her nightly Dentastix (the two products look very similar) but I suppose the Zoe sticks are denser and a bit tougher to chew through and so last longer. If they are low-calorie and she’ll eat it, I consider it a good product!
AngleaQueen Anne, MD