Zotz Fizz Power Candy, Cherry, Apple, and Watermelon Flavors

Artificially flavored. 35th Anniversary. Produced in Italy.

Quick facts

  • Case of 48 Zotz strings (total of 33 ounces)
  • Three flavors: cherry, apple, and watermelon
  • The hard candy with the center that fizzes
  • Product of Italy

Top reviews


This was not what the picture show. I was very unhappy with the substitute. I order the zotzs which each string was one color not multipe favors to one string. I could of got them from anyone. I emailed to let you know of my displeasure and never received a response,
DonteMinneapolis, KS


I don’t know where these rave reviews are coming from. Zotz is disgusting. I tried one not knowing what it was and was disgusted when this thick, sour foam was coming out of the candy. Did not taste or feel good in my mouth. BLECH.
TamishaCherry Creek, NY

Brings back great memories!

This was my favorite from my childhood. Great price on auto ship. Just wish ALL the flavors were available at the reduced price!
ClaritaSturdivant, MO

Blast from the Past

Wow! I had forgotten how much I used to like these, and I still do, maybe there are only 3 flavors (I am old enough that I can’t remember how many flavors these used to come in) but they still taste great, just sour and sweet enough, then when you least expect it, that fizz from the powder inside. My kids got a kick out of these, I guess they thought it was kinda cool to taste the kind of candy that ol momm used to eat when she was a kid.
RobbieCocoa, FL

Not like picture, but still good

Four stars because you don’t get what the picture shows, you get what the title says — you get strings of all green, all red, all pink. We REALLY wish we would get the four flavors as shown.

However, these are still really cool candies. Though if you haven’t had these before, you should know that after eating a bunch (hard to stop!), your mouth gets somewhat “raw” or scraped, kind of like eating a bunch of sour patch kids (but zots are more fun).

DanaLongstreet, LA

Zotz the way I like it

Classic Zotz fizzy sour candy – kind of like Pop Rocks in a hard candy, or a lozenge filled with sour Pixy Stix powder. The box contains 48 strings of 4 individually wrapped pieces, for a total of 192 pieces. This is basically the same as the Zotz candy that was popular back in the 1970s, but it’s now imported from Italy. The flavors in the box I received from Amazon Grocery weren’t as pictured in the item listing (cherry/orange/lemon/lime); instead, it contained equal numbers of cherry (red), apple (green), and watermelon (pink).
ArlenCusseta, GA

Zotz Still Delivers

I used to buy this candy at the 7-11 when I was a kid. Can’t find it anywhere in the US anymore, but it is well worth the premium to have it imported direct. You pop one of these bad boys into your mouth and start sucking. Soon, you are rewarded with fizzing flavor.
JacintaStanley, VA


These should be more available to the public. My friends (all in thein 20s, 30’s and 40’s) all were snagging them by the strandful! We love these, bring them back!
KelvinCold Spring, NY

More Watermelon please

Zotz is my all time favorite hard candy. The only problem that I have is that you get double the amount of cherry, then 1/3 green apple and 1/3 watermelon. I wish that the manufacturer would give equal amounts of all three candies. The photo shows a yellow candy indicating that you get four flavors including lemon, but you only get three.
AndreaBarnegat Light, NJ

I remember these as a kid

We used to get these from the ice cream truck when I was young for 25 cents each.
Brings back alot of memories.
MichelineMoscow Mills, MO


I loved these candies and my boyfriend and I were really disappointed when we ran out! Well worth the buy, and a good idea for Halloween treats.
VergiePelzer, SC

Best in candy!

If you like hard candy and slightly sour, these are the best. I brought a box into work and now several people are addicted. Brings back childhood memories!!
HalleyPort Murray, NJ

Zotz Power Candy

I have loved Zotz since I was a kid in Minnesota! The price is great as well as the fast delivery time. Very pleased customer.
ErichKearney, MO

zotz are fun

Our middle school students were delighted when they received Zotz at school. Zotz are fun and tradeable.
JordanGypsum, CO

love the zotz

This was my favorite candy as a kid. Was great finding them at such a good price.
LorraineYountville, CA


When I was growing up, penny candy was one of the simple joys of life. Even if you were 5, you didn’t need a lot on money to go into the neighborhood penny candy store by yourself and purchase a bag full of sheer decadence! And although I found candy in general to be completely irresistible, ZOTZ were, by far, my favorite.

Talking about childhood memories and the candy we enjoyed with a friend of mine recently prompted me to go looking for this simple sweet treat on the Internet. Having not seen the candy in over 40 years, I was only really expecting to find a brief history/write-up, if that, on the item since I didn’t think they were being made any more. Imagine my pure elation when I discovered they were still around (and could be ordered on AMAZON!) I couldn’t order them fast enough!

When I finally received my package and popped that first ZOTZ (in decades) into my mouth, it was like being transported back in time. The anticipation and exhilaration of that explosion of fizz and flavor to overtake my mouth when I finally bit into the hard candy shell and released the flavorful fizz inside … pure rapture! I have to say, while the experience on the whole was certainly wonderful, the ‘fizz experience’ was somewhat less than I remembered (as a child, it was all I could do to keep my lips together so the fizz didn’t escape my mouth), but all-in-all, well-worth the price of admission. Would I do it again? Oh yeh! Would I recommend it to others? For sure! (DISCLAIMER: INDIVIDUAL RESULTS MAY VARY).

DallasStockton, MN

Zotz – gotta love ’em!

I keep these in a dish in my dining room for visitors to enjoy. I always receive fun comments on them!
DespinaGiltner, NE

great product and fast delivery!!

I love thise candy, my daughter take them to school and everyone asks her to bring more and they fight over it!!!! I enjoy amaizing bubbly taste and surprize in the middle. Shipping was super fast and cheap. I was very pleased and going to order many more!!!!!!
thank you!
LiaMount Union, IA

fizzy yum yum

Just like the good old days. I love zots, and these came fast and fresh. Fizzy Fizzy inside and fruity outside.
AnyaMystic, CT

Great-tasting candy

I was glad to find my favorite sour candy!I think it’s even better than it used to be. It was shipped and received promptly.The photo is not quite accurate since there are only 3 flavors in the box (it was correct in the description).
AntoineEkwok, AK

Deliciously Fizzy

I loved these candies as a kid, but they are hard to find now. I’m so glad I am able to get them through Amazon! The candy formula seems to have remained unchanged, so the candy is as delicious as I remember it.
SparklePattonville, TX

Love this candy

I ordered this item and it was shipped the same night, I recieved it in two days! The zots weren’t in multi-colored strings like the picture, but I wouldn’t expect them to be, I’ve never seen them sold like that. I normally buy a couple strands from “Hot Topic” but I’m saving a lot of money by buying it this way. I’m very happy with this purchase!
DollySalvo, NC

I love this candy!!!

I have loved this candy since my Junior High lunch days, many,many years ago…It is so hard to find except from specialty stores where it was very pricey. I was excited to see it so affordable and with free super saver shipping from Amazon!!! Good sour flavor with that surprise of fizz!! I have my kids hooked on it too, but I find it hard to share!! Well worth the money for the candy and the memories…
MonteKansasville, WI

hard candy

great candy, loved them in the late 70’s and My Boy thinks they are one of the best candies made.
DustiNew Braunfels, TX

Definitely A Blast From the Past

It was fun to share a candy from my childhood with my seven year old daughter. We enjoyed them very much, especially the apple flavor!
IngeborgKaufman, TX

Childhood favorite!

I loved Zotz as a kid. You get 48 packs, which has 4 pieces, so you end up with 192 Zotz. At the time that I purchased these, it was around $10.00 for the whole box, which ends up about 5cents per each Zotz which is reasonable, especially for something I have not seen in a store in a long time. The candy arrived well-packaged and protected. I have not found any broken pieces. My 13-year-old really likes them too. This candy would pose a choking hazard for young children though, so I would not recommend them unless your child is old enough to suck on hard candy without accidentally swallowing or choking on it. The candy is very sour, so you better have a taste for sour stuff 🙂
NinfaSouthwest, PA


What can I even say about these individually warped little mouth watering, fuzz filled, tongue tingling happiness. My local store ran out and after waiting almost 2 weeks (I don’t smoke but after about 2 days I got a glimse of what it must be like to be without something your addicted too)for them to order more, I ordered my own. I limit myself to 3 strips a day. They are awesome.
AngelaLinwood, MD

Delicious Fizziness!

My husband and I love these candies! They start out like a normal hard candy with a bit of zing in their flavor. Then the little hole on the side of the candy (where they put the fizzy solution into the candy) usually starts to fizz. I try to wait at this point to eat more of the hard outside but I usually can’t. Once you bite through the hard outside the entire inside is fizzing and has a similar flavor to the hard outside. The fizzing is similar but more prolonged that Pop Rocks and these have much better flavors.


ArleenHedgesville, WV

Zots Fizz Power Candy

Oh who doesn’t remember Zotz! If you liked them as a kid you will like them as an adult – just be sure to buy more so you can share with your children. Same great flavor as years ago!
MollyClam Lake, WI

Love Zots alots!

A nice candy refresher from days past. Always prompt shipping and yummy candy! The three flavor pack is the best bang for the buck.
FrancesAbsecon, NJ