Zuke’s Z-Bones Clean Apple Crisp Dental Dog Treats

Doggy breath comes from both the mouth and the gut and Zuke’s Z-Bones fight it in both places. The firm texture helps clean teeth and gums, and fennel starts working in the mouth right away. On the inside, Z-Bones help improve digestion with alfalfa, parsley and rosemary, keeping doggie breath at bay for the long haul. Made in the USA.

Quick facts

  • Grain-free dental chews that taste like a treat
  • Dual action that works in the dog’s mouth and the gut
  • Ideal texture to help polish teeth and maintain healthy gums
  • Supports healthy digestion and fresh breath with alfalfa, parsley, rosemary and fennel
  • Re-sealable pouch with 18 dental chews for dogs 10-25 lbs
  • Made in the USA

Top reviews


I am very disappointed and upset after having given my dog just a portion of one of these bones. I supervised her carefully while she chewed it. But late that night, she threw up small undigested small chunks of the bone. I have always been pleased with Zuke products, so I was dismayed at this proble3m with the new Z-Bones from Zuke. I returned the box and Amazon has said they will reimburse me for it. I’m glad for that because it is quite expensive. But I would not recomment these for any small dog, even though they are labeled as “mini” bones. My dog seemed to enjoy the flavor and the chewing, but the outcome hours later were upsetting to us both.
LaverneEarly Branch, SC

Great way to Clean Your Dogs Teeth

My 3 pound Yorkie loves this mini bone. I bought the cheery flavor and she spends about an hour biting at it. A great treat that is healthy for your dog. My Yorkshire Terror is picky so it is nice to find something good for her that she likes. HINT: I pour warm water over the dry bone to bring out the flavor and soften it. That is the only way she would eat it. Like I said she is picky.
RosalinePendleton, SC

Kind of small

My dogs loved the taste of these treats but they were much to small to provide them with any amount of chew time. I have two dogs 21 and 23 pounds and they had these chewed up in less then a minute, so I don’t think that it served as a benefit for their oral health. I do not feel that the price of the larger chews, for the number you get in a package would be worth the value.
ArdenFountain, CO

I like it. My dog loves it!

My Beagle actually needs to chew these mini bones which she does with gusto. Each mini bone is 52 calories. So if you watching your dog’s diet, now you know. I wish that information was printed on the box with the other product data. A good product.
BillyWoodrow, CO

Too Rich

My 3 small dogs loved this flavor, but only one could tolerate it. I think the cherry flavor is too rich for some dogs. Especially if they have a sensitive stomach. Stick to the carrot flavored ones. Otherwise, good, healthy dog treat!
UteBertrand, MO