Zuke’s Z-Ridge Medium Carrot Fresh Breath Dental Chew Bones, 6 Count Pouch

Z-Ridge edible dental chew bones fight nasty doggy breath with powerful chlorophyll from natural alfalfa concentrate. Zuke’s wheat-free and corn-free Z-Ridge bones have an exclusive, ridged surface to scrape and polish your dog’s teeth as he chews. Try both the original Fresh Breath Formula and our Fresh Breath Formula with Carrot, made with flakes of real carrot plus beta carotene, a proven antioxidant. Ingredient: Potato starch, vegetable glycerin, cellulose fiber, alfalfa concentrate (source of chlorophyll, natural flavor, whey, lecithin, vanilla extract, clove powder, nutmeg powder, fennel seed powder, parsley.

Quick facts

  • High-protein dog snack that supports strength, health and vitality
  • Natural source of breath-freshening chlorophyll from alfalfa concentrate – fights doggy breath
  • Ridged surface helps to scrape and polish your dog’s teeth
  • Free of wheat, corn and soy – made without artificial colors, flavors or by-products
  • Made without artificial colors, flavors or by-products – Made in the USA

Top reviews

Made my dog sick

I switched to Zuke’s for an alternative to Greenies. My dog threw them up in little chunks that resembled pebbles. Doesn’t seem very digestible. I am returning them.
LorinaPaton, IA

These are being taken off the market

My little Lhasa loved these, but she threw up big balls of starch. Apparently, this is such a common problem, Zuke’s is soon taking this line off the market and releasing a new replacement product in the next few months. Small dogs don’t have the digestive track needed to process these. They will be switching from the existing potato formula to a more digestible Tapioca line.

I need to hand it to Zuke’s though. I told them about the product, and they rushed to send me samples and refund my money.

FedericoRouses Point, NY

“the boys” love them!

I’ve been buying these “bones” for my two small/medium size pups for a while now and they go banana’s for them! Neither has ever had a problem with them and I like that they last a little longer than regular dog treats. I had been trying to find a natural alternative to greenies. With these, I break a medium bone in half each get’s one half and it last’s them about 15 minutes, pretty decent for a natural chew bone. They are pricey, but I think worth it!
ChristalLeonard, MO

Only Chewie for Denna’s Sheltie

My friend Denna adopted her Sheltie from us at Sheltie Rescue of Utah. I was over her house the other day. I had brought some of Z-Chews to share with her boy, Duke. She immediately told me that Duke doesn’t like any chewies and she’s tried a whole bunch. He just leaves them laying around. I said…well…I’ve got them here, it’s a premium product with outstanding ingredients, so let’s just see what happens when we offer him one. You know the end of this story…Duke at first sniffed suspiciously but then ate the Zuke’s Z-Chew. Denna stood there like she was in shock. So, we found a chewie treat that Duke likes and it’s really good for him too. Yeah! I’m really sorry that someone else’s dog threw up the pieces. If that happened soon after eating the Z-chew then there was no time for anything to get digested. Everybody’s stomach is different…human or canine.
JovanHallieford, VA

My buddy loved it until he threw it all back up…

my havanese absolutely loved this, but he spent the night throwing it back up. if you have an excited chewer who shallows chunks of it whole, this may not be a good treat for them.
FaithVernalis, CA

Good dental treat, but unfortunately

about halfway through the bag, my dog tired of this flavor, unlike Greenies, which she has never lost interest in.
KaciHuletts Landing, NY

My dog threw up seven times after eating this.

Wish I’d read the bad reviews before feeding this to my poor pup. She is a 4-year old, 25-lb. mutt and threw up a grand total of seven (7!) times after consuming one of these. Needless to say, we are not happy with the product. Will try to contact the company…I’m disappointed that I was able to buy these even after another reviewer said they’d be off the market a few months from OVER A YEAR AGO.
MaudeWilliford, AR

the best

I have 3 dogs and one of them on a strict diet allergy wise? so he loves this treats and has no reaction to it!
NelsonAledo, TX

Great tasty treats!

My dog, Comet loves these treats, and dances on his hind legs when they come out. Reorder ahead of time as you just can’t buy these in any pet store.
AnastaciaDickson, TN

My Dog Loves Zukes Cranberry Bones!

Full disclosure: I haven’t chewed on these bones myself–this review is based on what I perceive is my dog’s opinion. 😉

Zukes cranberry bones are my dog’s favorite bones, paws down. She seems like the other flavors, but the cranberry ones are the ones that literally make her drool as I had them to her. I love that they take quite a bit of time for her to chew (a couple hours), they don’t stain the carpet and that they make her breath fresh and her teeth clean. She’s a 45-50 pound Australian Shepherd and the small size is perfect for her. I’ve bought the medium for her in the past, which she loves, but it’s really probably too many empty calories for her size, so I switched to the small. I’m very appreciative that they have a pleasant, slightly earthy, odor–so many dog treats smell really rancid, because there for, you know, dogs who are into stinky things. Also, my dog’s got a sensitive stomach and has never had any trouble with any of the Zukes bones. While they’re not cheap, they do what they’re supposed to do, so I can’t complain.

HildredKamiah, ID

Great for teeth, breath, and health!

I have been purchasing these for about six months. My dog’t teeth, once covered with tartar and plaque, are markedly improved—and she loves them, to boot!
BelvaNaples, ME

My dog loves Zuke’s Z-Ridge Bones.

My dog is crazy about these bones. They do a great job of keeping her teeth clean and the ingredients do not include a lot of the “garbage” found in most dental chews on the market. The medium size (recommended for 46-80 lb dog) only lasts about 20 minutes for my 55 lb. boxer mix. I prefer the large size (81 lbs. and up) for her. She can make one bone last for a day or two which is more satisfying to her and cost effective for me.
EuniceSummit, SD

Safe and natural

I love Zuke’s products and these bones are no exception. They are safe and natural, and with a dog on a restricted diet I love that all the ingredients are easily found.
NathanielHinkley, CA

I think he likes them. But not as much as Greenies.

We have a little Maltese that is given a Greenies Dental Chews for Dogs, Teenie Pack, 96 Chews every day. I saw the Zuke’s Z-Ridge and thought they might be a good alternative to the Greenies.

I will say that our dog can be weird. When he gets dry dog biscuits he will hide them, then go back later and eat them. He does the same with these. I don’t know if that means he really loves them, or if he just feels kind of “meh” about them. I will say that he devours his Greenies.

If you look at cost comparison, these things are almost a buck a piece, while the Greenies are only about a quarter a piece. That right there makes me want to stick with the Greenies.

I do think they work for breath freshness though. Every once and awhile I’ll give him one of these if he’s getting a case of halitosis. The only problem is that he keeps hiding it for half a day before he’ll eat it. I also use these if the little guy keeps bugging me. That way he’ll hide it instead of bugging me 😉

I do like the Zuke’s brand. He loves the Zuke’s Jerky Naturals Dog Treats, Lamb, 6-Ounce. That’s why I wanted to try these.

In all, I would recommend these to your pet. If you’re looking for an economical way to spoil your pet then I would go with the Greenies Dental Chews for Dogs, Teenie Pack, 96 Chews.

ArlineSlade, KY

Worth The Wait

My 90 lb. Chocolate Lab looks forward to her medium size cranbery chew bone once a day. It’s her lunch time reward for waiting 1/2 way though my work day. Enough chew time to make it satisfing for her. A healty and digestible treat that keeps her weight in check.
RolandeYauco, PR

Fantastic treat!

My dogs absolutely love these! I have two dogs who can’t have any grains at all, and one dog allergic to poultry, so discovering Z-Ridge bones was a wonderful thing. The minis are perfect for my 10lb terrier, who has a tiny mouth (and consequently works on one of these for a few hours), but are just right for my insatiable chewers, two 15lb mixes (poodle and min-pin), although they chew them up within 10-15 minutes (size small keeps them busy longer, but it’s easier to just buy one bag they all can have). I read one review about these making their dog sick – like any hard treat, you should definitely keep an eye on your dogs when they’re eating them, to make sure they’re chewing the pieces. They have never made my dogs throw up, and the ingredients used are all quite digestible (they’re potato and vegetable-based). However, if your dog is swallowing chunks without chewing properly, they’ll vomit anything. All in all, my dogs go nuts for these, in all flavors, and my neighbor’s picky pitbull loves them too!
StefaniaReading, MA

Five stars, with caveat

My dog loves these! He likes all the flavors, but carrot is his favorite. He is allergic to corn and wheat, so he can’t have greenies (fine by me, zukes is a better company anyway) or many other dental treats. I give him a few per week and they make his breath smell nice for the day. They shouldn’t be used as a substitute for brushing your dog’s teeth because they won’t keep tartar build-up down and they shouldn’t be given to dogs that “gulp” pieces, but if your dog chews before he swallows, these treats are a great option. Thank you Zukes for making a dental treat my dog can have.
GriselPikeville, KY

Great size for a small dog

My 7 month old puppy loves these bones. They are the perfect size and seem to agree with him as well. He digests them and has had no problems. I love that they are all natural.
NubiaBoca Grande, FL

Worth the Price

We love this product for our two Siberian Huskies. It’s a great natural way to get their breath to smell good again without having to brush as often. The only thing is, they’re kind of expensive for how long they last. But overall, it’s the best breath-freshening treat we’ve found for our dogs!!
MaoCoaldale, PA

love em

…or i should say my dog loves em. 7 yr old golden, works great on her breath. definitely a bit pricey but i think its worth it to get rid of that hot stank out of my dog’s mouth.
ColeZenda, KS

Wheat Free

My wheaten has a wheat allergy – these are the perfect alternative to “greenies” and are highly digestible
VerniceMinot, ND

Dog loves them!

I trust this company to make a quality product and my dog loves them. We used to use Greenies, but now use the Zuke’s products instead. I also use many other Zukes products for training.
CreolaHughsonville, NY